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David Faris (@davidmfaris), an associate professor of political science at Roosevelt University in Chicago, joins us to discuss his book, It's Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build A Lasting Majority in American Politics.

On today's show: Sean Hannity is the third Michael Cohen client revealed by court, claims it's no big deal.

David Faris joins us to discuss what the Democrats should do to hold onto power, if and when they get it back. How Republicans consolidate power by pushing the boundaries of what's legal and acceptable. How the Democrats should follow suit: National voting rights laws, giving statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington DC. The "archduke moment" when Republicans stole a seat on the Supreme Court. How Democrats could pack the courts and what they could concede in the process. Why are the Democrats like this in the first place? Is the current leadership able to change, or do they need to be replaced? Why the filibuster is bad. The need to change how Senate seats are apportioned and an interesting idea out of California. Card check and union power. The issues with gerrymandering.

On the fun half: The relative importance of social movements and electoral politics. Trump asks "are there any Hispanics in the room?" Hannity opens show with news montage of his name, quickly moves onto Syria. Alan Dershowitz puts Hannity on the spot. Alex Jones claims hot girls tried to convert him to Satanism as a teen, is being sued by Sandy Hook parents. Senator John Larson (D-CT) rips into the balanced budget amendment proposal, defends Social Security and Medicare. Greg in Oklahoma updates us on the labor actions there. Should university endowments over a certain amount be taxed? A tip on keeping your info safe from Zuck: A caller gives a detailed assessment of the conflict in Syria and why the U.S. shouldn't leave the Kurds (and others) to die.

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