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Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) joins us to discuss recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

On today's show: Andrew Cuomo is trying to quell voting rights in New York. Ben Shapiro criticizes David Hogg's speech using his trademark sophistry and MTV camera work.

Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst), investigative reporter for The Young Turks, joins us to talk NY state politics and disaster capitalism in Puerto Rico. The shady moves Cuomo has pulled to keep New York as Republican-dominated as possible in fealty to wealthy donors. The legitimate alternative presented by actress/activist Cynthia Nixon despite Cuomo and friends' efforts to smear her. The ongoing recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and how disaster capitalists are closing in like vultures. Wealthy entrepreneur Brock Pierce's plan to create a libertarian utopia/tax shelter there and how it resembles old fashioned colonialism.

On the fun half: Sam recalls his career as an assistant DJ. US media's misplaced praise for Mohammed Bin Salman. CNN's panel of conservative women don't believe Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels...but if he did, it would be fine. Herman Cain excuses Trump's history of housing discrimination with the "everyone's racist" defense. How John Bolton weaseled out of serving in Vietnam. What if the Trump WH goes to war before the midterms? The power of religious fundamentalism to keep people from acknowledging facts. DCCC still sabotaging progressive Democrats. Killer Mike's appearance on NRA TV and leftist criticism of how liberals approach gun control.

Check out this piece co-written by Michael Brooks and Djene Rhys Bajalen here!


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