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On today's show: Rick Santorum says children should take CPR classes if they're so concerned about gun violence. NAACP National Youth Director Tiffany Dena Loftin on the importance of intersectionality in March For Our Lives. Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez gives a powerful speech. NRA TV's sad attempt at a response. Trump's un-evolved stance on NAFTA and how it's different from Bernie's. Why the federal "right to try" bill that just passed the House is a bad idea. How anti-sex trafficking bills SESTA and FOSTA would hurt the people they purport to be helping. A summary of voting rights measures to watch. Some developments in the Guccifer 2.0 story. Why Stormy Daniels was denied a spot on "Celebrity Apprentice."

On the fun half: Stormy Daniels recounts details of her affair with Trump. What we can learn from Marie Newman's failed bid in the Illinois primary. Judge Jeanine defends Trump's honor from Ann Coulter re: the omnibus spending bill. MA gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively wants "separation of LGBT and state." A caller uses arguments against raising the minimum wage to point out the powerlessness of the capitalist class. A caller compares March for Our Lives to his memories of anti-Vietnam War activism. Do Corbyn and Wolff's prescriptions for democratizing the economy go far enough? Sam's opinion on the omnibus spending bill. A libertarian calls in to talk about apples. Could the DSA be doing a better job on electoral politics? A DJ criticizes Matt's sound drops.

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