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Patrick Blanchfield (@PatBlanchfield) of Splinter News joins us to talk about his latest piece, "The Market Can't Solve A Massacre."

On today's show: Channel 4 exposes Cambridge Analytica's honeypot tactics and oligarchic election tampering.

Patrick Blanchfield (@PatBlanchfield) of Splinter News joins us to discuss why neoliberalism can't solve the problem of gun violence. The definition of neoliberalism and how it values human life in terms of market activity. How both Democrats and Republicans apply neoliberal logic to mass shootings. How neoliberalism shifts responsibility for solving problems from society to individuals. Democrats' self-sabotaging technocratic retreat and the need for a broader view on gun violence. The connection between gun violence, racism, the carceral state, militarism, arms manufacturers, and conflict abroad. What student activists are getting right. Concrete steps we can take to reduce the threat of violence for everyone, not just those the market deems valuable.

On the fun half: The crew discusses Kanye West. Jordan Peterson freaks out over Pankaj Mishra's takedown. How do we keep people engaged after Trump leaves office? Cynthia Nixon is running against Andrew Cuomo and we're all about it. Tucker Carlson delivers alt-right talking points about why immigration is bad. Ben Carson blames his wife for $31,000 dining set. How much could a Berniecrat actually get done in office? The deficiencies of modern political discourse and why Jordan Peterson speaks to so many people.

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