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David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss bipartisan attacks on Wall Street reform.

On today's show: Updates on how the West Virginia teacher strike is developing. Will Oklahoma teachers be next? And Sam Nunberg's origin story involves meeting Trump at Wrestlemania.

Journalist David Dayen (@ddayen) of The Intercept joins us to discuss the latest bipartisan attack on Wall Street reform. While Congressional bill S.2155 was pitched as a way to relieve community banks and credit unions from the more onerous and expensive parts of Dodd-Frank, Citigroup and other "stadium banks" have been successfully lobbying to build in as many shelters for themselves as possible. 13 Democratic senators support the bill, including Jon Tester, Heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, and Mark Warner. Dayen discusses Democrats' political rationalizations for supporting the bill as well as the nuts and bolts of how it will promote bank consolidation, hamper regulation, and increase the risk of another financial crisis. For more on the topic, check out Dayen's latest article here and keep up with his work here.

On the fun half: Why you should stop calling conservative Democrats "moderate Democrats." Greg from OK on the potential strike brewing in his state. Would the MR crew eat lab meat? John from San Antonio with an encouraging update on early voting results in TX. Sam Nunberg's strange day of press. A caller degrades sacred plant medicine by accusing Jimmy Dore of being on it. Jim Bakker claims his apocalypse food bucket biz is "a coop." NY Congresswoman Claudia Tenney claims most mass shooters are Democrats. What's making the DCCC so unresponsive to regular people? Michael explains why he'd vote for Dennis Kucinich.

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