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Michael Shure, of i24NEWS and TYT, and Matt Binder (subscribe to Matt's new show here), join us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: Jesse Waters compares FBI agents investigating Russia-gate to racist cops patrolling black neighborhoods. Journalist Michael Shure joins us to discuss his latest report from Trump country. As it turns out, Trump's supporters in Florida still think he's doing a great job, from protecting their "first amendment rights" to his quixotic quest to "lock her up." What are we supposed to do with these people? What impact did Trump's SOTU have? Should we kick Pelosi and Schumer out of the Democratic Party because they're bad at strategy? Plus, Shure breaks down the potential repercussions of the de-classified Nunes memo. Will it prove the deep state is out to get Trump & co., or backfire spectacularly? Stay tuned!

Former MR crew member Matt "old Matt" Binder makes his triumphant return. Fresh off predicting the rise of Mike Cernovich, Binder breaks down QAnon, a new vector for right-wing conspiracy theories birthed in the bowels of 4chan. While the faithful believe those who post as "QAnon" have inside intel on the government, anyone can take up the mantle and spread breadcrumbs for #Pizzagate rubes to eagerly gobble up (and for Alex Jones to cover on Infowars). Some of this may be the result of late capitalist dissatisfaction, but there have always been charlatans seeking to profit off of offering simple answers in a complex world. It would be funnier were it not actually influencing policy at the highest levels of our current administration.

Check out Matt's debate with "men's rights activist" Paul Elam.

On the fun half: John from San Antonio talks Bernie's potential presidential run and urges him to start early, ICE continues to terrorize immigrants by asking to see people's papers on an Amtrak train, Jimmy Kimmel makes MAGA chuds confront a family that could get broken up by the DACA repeal, Jesse Waters has thoughts on the piss tape, Don Shooter makes a defiant, Michael Scott-like speech upon being expelled from the Arizona House of Representatives for sexual harassment, a caller takes Judy Gold to task for spreading ableism and fatphobia, Ronald Raygun talks ICE's dirty immigration court tactics and suggests picketing their offices, and Jeff from Georgia (Dissident Peasant) has an incrementalist awakening.

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