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On today's show: Mike Cernovich wants to buy Gawker for $500k, and his stooge Jack Posobiec's marriage is totally not on the rocks. We revisit some of the lowlights of Trump's SOTU: In an address that garnered the lowest net positive ratings since 1998, Trump attacked public sector unions under the guise of helping the VA, took credit for a long term trend in black unemployment rates, lied about "chain migration" and the visa lottery to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment, and mentioned the MS-13 gang about a million times. We break down what Joe Kennedy got wrong in his response and what Bernie Sanders got right.

On the fun half: Ronald Raygun points out Trump fabricated his gang and crime factoids and explains how nativist immigration policy actually worsens the problem. Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) gets Trump to say on a hot mic that he will "100%" release the Nunes memo. Sam tells a story about a woke biker gang he met in Australia. Ryan in Ohio says Ohioans are on the side of the Palestinian man who got deported after 40 years in the US. Are liberal elites being hypocrites when they call working class people racists? Meghan in NJ says the Dems could have done more to protest during the SOTU and tells us Trump's hidden history as an anchor baby. Mr. Jamie Peck calls in to talk direct action and take Sam to task for focusing so much on electoral politics. Mindy defends Joe Kennedy. Should millennials be bringing children into this messed up world?

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