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On today's show, Devin Nunes claims to have a memo about the FBI and DOJ abusing FISA but won't release it, and the Democrats have no strategy in the government shutdown.

Suja Thomas (@sujathomas3) discusses her new book, Unequal: How America's Courts Undermine Discrimination Law. While discrimination is technically against the law, there are many barriers to bringing claims. Thomas goes over some examples of egregious cases that were nonetheless dismissed, then explains some of the institutional barriers that prevent people from getting justice in these cases, from precedent and doctrine to the relative privilege of the judges making the decisions.

On the fun half: A member of Generation Z calls in to question whether his generation is actually more conservative, a caller discusses the Polish doctor detained by ICE, Gavin McInnes is a sad widdle baby throwing temper tantrums about his ever-decreasing relevance, Mike from PA breaks down his state's anti-gerrymandering decision, Lyin' Ted Cruz is caught being a hypocrite about the shutdown, a carpenter shares a story of a co-worker being turned over to ICE, are police unions always bad?, Dissident Peasant takes Senate Democrats to task, a brief discussion of Chelsea Manning, and Ronald Raygun fills us in on all the ways the GOP can terrorize immigrants.

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