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On today's show: Mark Steyn says "at least white supremacists are American citizens." Heather Parton a.k.a. Digby (@digby56) joins us to talk government shutdown. Will Democrats hold the line on DACA, or will they cave like they always do? The extreme unpopularity of GOP policies, especially re: immigration, gives Digby reason to be hopeful. She then lays out a theory as to why Trump's tryst with Stormy Daniels supports the existence of a Russian piss tape. The truth is out there!

Next, Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) comes on for her patented two minutes' hate on topics including: Trump's abortion hypocrisy, the government shutdown, the New York Times' elevation of pro-Trump voices, tragic figure Chris Christie, and Trump's soft, repulsive body. Is it cool to fat-shame a monster? Roxane Gay's not willing to scold people for it, so maybe it's okay.

The family of deported father Jorge Garcia appear on "The View" to send a message to Trump.

On the fun half: Dave in Chicago plugs this weekend's protests and urges us to use encrypted messaging services, a caller talks conservatism in Hispanic communities, Carl Higbie thinks blacks see having kids "a form of employment," gun nuts think they're being persecuted like Jews during the Holocaust, and Bernie Sanders calls in to talk DACA, the shutdown, and Medicare for all. How will progressives take back the House in 2018? Via grassroots action, increased turnout, and a 50 state strategy, of course! With broad, inspiring messages like Medicare for all and a $15 minimum wage (plus increased transparency and democracy), Sanders says the party is poised to make major gains in 2018 and beyond.

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