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Trita Parsi, the founder and president of the Iranian American Council, joins us to discuss the recent Iran protests. Parsi explains how the country's government's leaked budget, with cuts to entitlements, and new taxes enraged its citizens and led them to protest. Cronyism, economic inequality, and state religious repression in Iran. Outside agitation by the US and others and Rouhani's acknowledgment of protester rights. The red line ruling-class conservatives crossed in letting political conflict disrupt everyday life against Rouhani. Rouhani's untimely neoliberal leanings. What is and is not working about the Iran deal, particularly how it serves Trump as a periodic reminder of an Obama accomplishment. The role of sanctions in depressing Iran and stoking frustration, and how Trump admin instability makes it worse.

On the fun half - Steve Bannon calls in as candidates begin to distance themselves from him, Carrier workers getting laid off again, Arpaio is back on his birther, more on BitCoin, Laura Ingraham's right wing listeners aren't happy with Trump saying DACA recipients may not be kicked out.

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