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Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) joins us to discuss his new book, I Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street.

On today's show: Infamous former sheriff Joe Arpaio thinks he's qualified to be a senator, and click here to win a ticket to see Dennis Miller live. Let's fill the front row with MR listeners saying "bap bap bap" in unison!

Journalist and author Matt Taibbi provides background and context to the police killing of Staten Island man Eric Garner. As gentrification crept into Garner's Tompkinsville neighborhood, the police became an occupying force, targeting Garner and others for small offenses under the as-yet-unproven "broken windows" theory. Garner was not even selling cigarettes on the day he died, but the cops targeted him anyway. Taibbi breaks down the flaws in our criminal justice system that allowed Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Garner, to evade accountability. He also remembers Garner's daughter Erica as a promising young activist whose life was cut tragically short.

On the fun half: We continue our east coast/north coast beef over New York vs. Chicago pizza, Dianne Feinstein tricks Trump into supporting a "clean DACA" act, Oprah's pro-war propaganda, a parochial school asks kids to come up with arguments in favor of slavery, Dissident Peasant laments how much power the police and military have, the Mercers throw Steve Bannon under the bus over a $7 billion tax bill, and a caller predicts Oprah will win the Democratic nomination.

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