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On this episode of MR, Travis L Dixon (@Dr_TLDixon), a professor of communication at the University of Illinois, discusses his new report for Color of Change, A Dangerous Distortion of Our Families: Representations of Families, By Race, in News and Opinion Media. Drawing on data from 2015-2016, Dixon outlines how African American families are over-represented in the media's reporting on crime and poverty, and discusses how politicians from Reagan to Clinton have used those perceptions to shred the social safety net in a racialized way. Read the full report here.

In the fun half: The first six Disrupt J20 defendants are found not guilty, Roy Moore thinks Muslims and Marxists worked together to defeat him and delight Doug Jones' gay son, Trump's politics re: taxes, drilling in the Arctic, etc. are just the same old Republican garbage, Nikki Haley delivers some tough talk on Israel at the UN, immigration courts show children no mercy, and the crew goes back and forth some more about the effects of classist snobbery.


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