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On this episode of the Majority Report, Paul Ryan does his smarmy best to pretend the GOP tax bill will help the 99% and not add to the deficit (not that the latter matters), animatronic William Howard Taft calls in to praise Donald Trump, banks plan to proceed with mortgage payments and foreclosures in Puerto Rico despite the ongoing crisis, Wyatt Koch peddles terrible shirts to his fellow failsons, and Rachel in Queens sparks a discussion on classist attitudes held by coastal elites.

After the break: Susan Collins blames sexism for tax bill backlash, Cenk recaps his bet with Jimmy Dore, Donald Trump Jr. does a fake TED talk on how the system is rigged against his dad, MN lawmaker and transphobe Mary Franson is scared to meet with high school students, the Department of Defense releases a UFO video, Sam tackles a random Rush clip, and Jeff in GA elicits further discussion on how the Democrats should (and should not) convince people to vote for them.

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