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This episode of the Majority Report begins with a viewing of the newly unveiled animatronic Trump at Disney World. Will it bring on the robot revolution? Then journalist David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss the Republican tax bill and the political history of 2017. With 83% of gains going to the top 1%, the GOP plan is unlikely to win favor with voters. But if and when the Democrats get back into power, we must pressure them to re-allocate the funds to social programs, rather than the deficit.

On the fun half: The Mooch says Trump is too smart to fire Mueller, "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor says Trump is set to release cures for cancer and Alzheimer's, a caller reminds us of the importance of local races in pushing Democrats to the left, former Fox News employee Tamara Holder is released from her NDA, Alex Jones doesn't want Trump to get assassinated (but if he does, it'll be great for his numbers), listeners tell us about VA healthcare headaches and organizing in Florida, and Ronald Raygun calls in with a special, Cernovich-related offer.

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