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Good afternoon. On today's show, Mike Cernovich flails in an NPR interview, and Cliff Schecter joins us to discuss Al Franken's resignation. Also: Comedian Andy Kindler joins us to talk Weird Mike and the GOP tax cuts (with some Jew jokes thrown in for good measure), the gang enjoys a video of Christian Youtuber Jim Beckwith trying to take us down, and Sam threatens our audience with a talking Dennis Miller doll.

On the fun half: A man with ALS grills Jeff Flake (of the performative bullshit fake resistance) on his handling of DACA, a homophobic state lawmaker freaks out at a Democrat for touching his arm, Papadopoulos' fiance inflates his role in Russiagate, Roy Moore thinks America is evil because we promote same-sex marriage, a bro speaks out on his right to party, Mike Pence snitched on his frat in college, Addison in Ohio pushes back on some things Cliff said about Franken, and a disabled veteran describes his struggle to get adequate mental healthcare.

Cast: Sam Seder (@samseder), Michael Brooks (@_michaelbrooks) Matt Lech (@mattlech), Jamie Peck (@jamie_elizabeth), Brendan Finn (@BF1nn)

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