The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Phil Robertson says the Founders believed flood victims should deal with it themselves.

Cliff Schecter joins us to talk about the media and the current campaign coverage. The media's moment of reckoning with Matt Lauer's horrible Commander-in-Chief Forum performance and the lack of proportion in covering Hillary's emails and Donald Trump's blatant fraudulence. How television news ruined everything.

Former MR producer and current staff at Matt Binder joins the show to discuss his times since leaving the show. Is his child drinking Monster Energy drinks. Which NY billionaire is worse, Bloomberg and Trump? And Matt recommends watching "Stranger Things" and "Tallulah" on Netflix.

On the fun half - Glenn Beck has an insane analogy about our country and birth pangs, Corportatist Dems line up against Colorado Care, Mike Pence says Trump has a Reaganesque "core of humility," and your calls and IMs!

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