The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sirius XM host Pete Dominick, pretends to be a politician facing corruption allegations. How did Bill Clinton's speech go? Does Hillary Clinton deserve more credit. Does Michael Bloomberg's endorsement? And Is Tim Kaine a good pick?

Christine Pelosi of Campaign Boot Camp, talks about training activists and candidates across the globe. Bernie Sanders supporters getting into politics. Diminishing the role of Super Delegates. What happens next in the Super Delegate reform process. The Pelosi family and Democratic reform.

Legendary Newsman explains why Donald Trump is unlike anyone who has run for President before. Will Trump be the first Social Media President. Will the 2016 conventions be remembered? The lines of decency that Trump crosses and is it about Trump or the Republican Party?

On The Fun Half: Paul Bruce calls for unity and explains why Unions support Hillary Clinton. Jane kleeb explains how the Democratic Party is changing. Sam and Michael review Bill Clinton's speech and David Dayen highlights concerns about Tim Kaine.

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