The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Huffington Post's Ryan Grim talks about last nights convention drama. The real story behind Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama and all the palace intrigue.

Donald Trump officially gets the Republican nomination. How did Melania Trump steal from Michelle Obama and rick roll the convention? Katherine Harris call in from the pipe she is stuck in at the convention. Tameron Hall destroys Scott Baio. Controversy on the floor of the GOP. The head of the UFC talks about his "friend" Donald Trump. Dug calls in. Senator Ron Johnson is not bright. Natalie Gulbis talks about politics and faith. Paul Ryan gives a dull and stupid speech. Chris Christie attacks Hillary Clinton. Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr, pretend to love their dad. Cliff Schecter calls in to join the madness. Ben Carson is not "politically correct!" and believes in lucifer. Right Wing Mandela live from the convention.


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