The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Judge Oliver Diaz the former Presiding Justice on the Supreme Court of Mississippi the importance of state judicial elections and the real story behind the Hot Coffee case. Why and how Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce flooded state judicial races with corporate money. How Justice Diaz was targeted politically and criminally and how to protect state Judicial systems from corporate power.

Attorney Richard Newsome of Newsome & Melton explains the Takata airbag case and why so many airbags aren't safe. How airbags supposed to work. Honda's secret recall. Why the US government does not have a way to protect the public from dangerous airbags and why did did this happen?

Arthur Bryant of Public Justice explains the most disturbing document he read in discovery. Why Remington Arms has known for decades that a defect in some of its guns fire for no reason.

Attorney Lyn Toops of Cohen & Malad explains how Indiana's adoption system that disenfranchised disabled children. The austerity budgets that targeted disenfranchised children and how Governor Mike Pence's political ambitions and classist adoption policies helped settle the case.

On The Fun Half: Is Donald Trump going to win Pennsylvania? Vaccines, public health and the medical industry. Giving up on Bernie? And your calls and IM

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