The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Attorney John Fitch explains that "Tort Reform" is all about corporate advantage. Why corporations push for the injustice of Tort Reform. Under Tort law in abused children have limited recourse while predators and the organizations that protect them are favored under the law and what needs to be done to protect the public from corporations.

Attorney David L. Scher tells us the story of Dr. Joseph Ting and a systemic case of Medicare fraud. Why Medicare is riddled with fraud. A bribery scandal that will shock you and why corporations are the main problem.

Thom Hartmann and Sam talk Craps strategy. Bernie Sander's accomplishments and why the revolution is happening, how Bernie got thrown off his game, why he should stay in until the convention and enforcing the Sherman Act to protect us from media monopolies.

On The Fun Half: Your calls and IMs.


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