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On today’s show Ryan Grim (@ryangrim) joins us to discuss the massive new Unaoil corporate corruption scandal out of Monaco exposed by the Huffington Post (read about it here). The escalating corruption of bribery. Why cultural explanations of corruption are insufficient. The line between lobbying and bribery. How ISIS uses corruption in recruiting. (6:45)

Then, journalist Omer Aziz  (@omeraziz12) on Sam Harris and the failure of our new public intellectuals. His odd experience of going on Sam Harris’ podcast, where Harris had him on to read his piece to him while Harris critiques it live. Harris courting of controversy and apparent discomfort with his status as a controversial figure. The thoughtful responses from Harris fans Omer receive through email vs. the responses from twitter. (33:00)

On the fun half - The Panama Papers, Hillary says young voters haven’t done their research, Rosario Dawson says she’ll watch her tone for Hillary, the twilight of Sarah Palin and your calls and IMs!

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