The Majority Report with Sam Seder

On today's show Bronwen Dickey (@BronwenDickey) a Contributing Editor for the Oxford American and author of the forthcoming book: Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon. (10:45)

Bronwen's experience on a conspiracy theorist cruise. Conspiracy theories and science communication: why do people come to believe what they believe. How the cruise ship added to the conspiracist paranoia. The suspicion Bronwen was a plant by the pharmaceutical industry. How to differentiate between true conspiracies from frivolous conspiracy theories. Social and political distrust of scientific arguments. The difficulty of reasoning people out of positions they didn't arrive at with reason.

Bronwen's book, Pit Bull: An American Icon. The baggage and demonization of pit bulls and how the racial composition of the owners of demonized dog breed creates these myths. The origins of the word "race" from the language of breeding. The linkage of pit bulls with "thugs" as a proxy cultural struggle.

On the Fun Half: What Bernie needs to do better, how dangerous do Trump's reasonable statements on issues like healthcare and the Iraq war make him, more on pit bulls, Vicente Fox uses the f-word on Fox Business. Also your calls and IMs.


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