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On today’s show journalist Bill Fletcher Jr. (@BillFletcherJr) joins us to discuss his most recent piece in the Jacobin Bernie and the Movement. How does Bernie’s campaign fit into building a larger movement for the future. Comparisons with the Jesse Jackson “Rainbow Coalition” campaign. Bernie as “movement-exciter” rather than “Bernie-creator.” Jackson’s relationship with the Democratic establishment. The fact that elections focussed on individuals do not necessarily lead to ongoing movements. The difference in the political environment the Jackson and Sanders campaign. How to bridge between Sanders’ rhetoric and policies: energizing the base. Hillary Clinton’s fluency in discussing racial politics. The importance of electoral, mass movements, and legal considerations in winning power for progressive people. (5:30)

On the Fun Half: Gerrymandering, the Movement for Bernie, Ben Carson is obstinate on Bill O'Reilly, why Baby Boomers don’t get Bernie, and your calls and IMs. 

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