The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Huffington Post's Senior Political Editor Sam Stein joins us to discuss his new podcast, Candidate Confessional, and the 2016 race. Jeb drops out. Why the hesitation by the GOP establishment to fall behind Marco Rubio? What’s up with Marco’s medical and birth history? What to make of the Nevada results for Bernie and Hillary. (10:00)

Sam discusses the primaries: what to make of the turnout and demographic trends.

On the Fun Half: The super delegates issue as a red herring. Who is more attractive to independents between Hillary and the GOP candidates? A call for the legalization of drugs. The virtue of the Bernie Sanders campaign when it comes to highlighting issues. What to make of Krugman’s assertion Bernie’s is engaging in “voodoo economics.” The “no free lunch” arguments coming from establishment Dems.

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