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Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee is on to discuss the PCCC's success in getting a pledge from Hillary Clinton to not cut social security. Adam's appearance on Fox & Friends. The media/campaign strategy behind the timing of the pledge challenge. The theory of change employed by the PCCC. Hillary's attempts to muddy the waters on issues like the social security cap. Presidential Appointments Matter: The new push to have the candidates give specific examples of people they would consider for key posts standing up to Wall Street power. (9:00)

Informationer - Nixon and the Pentagon Papers (28:00)

On Saturday, June 12th, 1971, President Nixon enjoyed one of his happiest days in the White House, celebrating the wedding of his daughter Tricia in the Rose Garden. A little after noon the following day, he received a call from his deputy National Security advisor Al Haig informing him of the Pentagon Papers leak, a major blow to the already unpopular Vietnam War.

Three calls included:

1. Deputy NSA Advisor Al Haig and Nixon, 6/13/71. (WHT 005-050)

2. Domestic Advisor John Ehrlichman the following day (WHT 005-068). Ehrlichman tells Nixon to send a warning to the NYT, advises him to call Attorney General John Mitchell who is anxious to do so.

3. Minutes later, Nixon calls Mitchell. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger joins the call as well. (WHT 005-070)

Music: "Holes" by Mercury Rev

FOR MEMBERS: 7/6/2005 - Sam is joined by Slate Supreme Court reporter Dahlia Lithwick to discuss Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation, the politicization of the Supreme Court, Roe v Wade, judicial activism, Robert Bork, and John Roberts. 



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