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On today's show Tony Karon the Editorial Director of Al Jazeera America online joins us to talk about why America's age of turbulence has just begun. Read his his latest here. The history of right wing militia politics. The resonance of militia ideology in mainstream conservative politics. Ideology doesn’t need to be coherent. (8:50)

The Difference between European and American populist movements. Nations as “Imagined Communities.” The difficulty experienced by the GOP in controlling its candidates compared to recent elections. (17:10)

The disintegration of national identity. Karon’s perspective on our current political climate and how it relates to popular movements in South Africa. White fear in the age of non-white political power. (26:50)

Iran and the nuclear bomb. The Non-Proliferation Treaty and how the lack of movement toward disarmament encourages proliferation. How Iran used the threat of developing nuclear weapons in order to be taken seriously internationally. (32:40)

On The Fun Half: Bernie Bros, Trump Bros, a libertarian caller and your calls and IMs! 

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