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Political maestro Cliff Schecter explains the power of national protests of the killing of Eric Garner, why Police abuse of African Americans is standard practice, is this a tipping point? Why DA's should not be overseeing the Police, the Eric Garner murder and possible changes in public opinion, why we need an independent council to oversee cases against Police officers, Rand Paul's stupid response to the killing of Eric Garner, new polling on immigration shows how Republicans have gotten even more crazy and the end of The New Republic?

Film Guy Matthew talks about the success of Teachers Lounge, how Sam launched Matthew's acting career, will Sam ever get on Teachers Lounge? The Sam Marc Maron Show saga continues, why Film Guy Matthew is on a Steve Coogan kick and Matthew told us to watch the Korean film  Spring Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

On The Fun Half:  the roots of Police Violence and brutality, New York City Police Officer texts his union rep after shooting young man before radioing for help, is Boyhood worth seeing? And Your IMs.

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