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Casual Friday! We have  Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) and Film Guy Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom).

Cliff Schecter joins on Obama's executive orders on guns and the evolving debate on gun control. Closing gun sale loopholes. Government initiatives funding mental health and "smart gun" technology. The cultural momentum against guns. Maine Governor LePage's contention heroin dealers with names like "D-Money" are impregnating white girls. (7:04)

FilmGuy Matthew talking sports and why sports movies don't work. The new "Deadwood" movie and filmmaker Shirley Clarke and recommends a TV series by Caveh Zahedi called "The Show About the Show." (39:30)

And Sam returns from his foray into jury duty qualification. He wasn't selected. (56:20)

On the fun half (1:17:50): the outrageous framing during the CNN's "Guns in America" town hall, jury duty talk, Joseph Lieberman, and your calls and IMs!

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