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9:00 - Gary Dorrien, an American social ethicist and theologian at Columbia Univeristy, is on to discuss his book The New Abolition: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Black Social Gospel and how modern movements like #BlackLivesMatter relate to historical black freedom movements. 12:50 - What is the Back Social Gospel? What did "abolition" come to mean and who were the New Abolitionists? 25:23 - The four strains of the Black Social Gospel. The dispute between Booker T. Washington and Du Bois. 34:10 - How Dorrien's four strains have developed over time. 40:00 - Getting Martin Luther King Jr. right. Cornel West's view on King. MLK the socialist. 47:00 - The consequences of historical amnesia. How these currents affect the DNC primary.

52:30 - Michal Rozworski, writer and host of the Political Eh-conomy podcast, is on to discuss his Jacobin article Why We Fight Uber. How Uber is essentially a dispatcher with lobbyists. 59:00 - How Uber undermines the idea of the risk-taking capitalist. 1:05:00 - The potential for co-op ridesharing platforms. Seattle's pro-union decision for Uber drivers.

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