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Grist's Ben Adler explains what the world agreed to at the Paris agreement on climate change (9:40). The innate damages of global warming pollution. Why everyone in the world agrees on the climate crisis except for the Republicans - including North Korea( 18:34). Why the Paris agreement acknowledges but does really do anything about the scale of the climate crisis. The 2020 global update on carbon cuts. The changing roles of South Korea, China and Singapore in the Paris agreement. Will global energy companies and first world countries be held accountable? The practical details of dealing with the human toll of the climate crisis and why poor countries are hurt the most by climate change (25:28).

On The Fun Half: why the Democratic establishment rigged the debates against Bernie Sanders. Safe spaces on college campuses. Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Bill O'Reilly compares the "War on Christmas" to terrorism. Random Rush and your calls and IMs.

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