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Mohammad Khan a Senior Policy Associate at the Washington Park Project explains the secretive New York political group behind a new Charter School push. Who is behind Families For Excellent Schools and New Yorkers for a Balanced Albany. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's privatization agenda for public agenda. The Constitutional obligation of free public education and why charters are a trojan horse for destroying public education.

Why Elizabeth Warren won't run for President but will be an incredibly powerful Senator. Elizabeth Warren rips Citibank apart from the Senate floor. Ted Cruz own goals on the Republicans and helps Vivek Murthy get confirmed as Surgeon General. Why Jeb Bush will wage his bound to be a failure Presidential bid.

On The Fun Half: The Congressman you never heard of who inserted the Citibank provision on the Cromnibus, Senator Tom Coburn kills veterans Suicide prevention bill, wrongfully convicted former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman might be released from prison soon, NFL player Andrew Hawkins's moving explanation of why he has spoken up for Tamir Rice and John Crawford and your calls and IMs.

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