The Majority Report with Sam Seder


-Cliff Schecter and Sam debate closing the No Fly List loophole. Why Cliff thinks we should do it and why Sam thinks its a problem. The smart politics of the No Fly List bill. Why we don't have the "right" to bear arms. Why if this case goes to the Supreme Court its a bad and dangerous thing. Donald Trump goes full bigot and nativist. Why the mainstream press still won't admit that Republicans love Trump. Why all the other Republicans are just like Trump and why Sam has been predicting someone from the crazy caucus will get the GOP nomination (11:27 )

-Andy Kindler explains why he would have turned in other actors during the McCarthy era. How Andy Kindler became a comedian. Sam lets Andy know about H. Jon Benjamin's Jazz album. Kindler comes through NYC without visiting sam and Andy's history with Donald Trump. (54:27)

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump gets what he wants from Ted Cruz. And your calls and IMs.

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