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Cliff Schecter explains the sickening decision of the Republican House's move to block Syrian refugees. The mainstreaming of anti Islamic policies and rhetoric. Donald Trump is a bigot and the Republican frontrunner. Chuck Schumer is a problem. What is Hillary Clinton's foreign policy? Clinton opposes demonizing Islam. The Libyan intervention and learning from foreign policy failures. Bernie Sanders calls out American backed coups. The unfolding crisis in Africa. Bernie Sanders follows in FDR's footsteps and calls for economic freedom and Bernie Sanders explains why we need Medicare for all.

Isabel Gillies talks about menopause, New Kelly is starstruck. When is Isabel's next book coming out? Looking back on Star Wars. Getting your kids into a good high school? And Isabel tells us to watch The Great British Baking Show.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump proposes fascist style Muslim tracking program. John Kasich Super PAC launches stupid campaign against Donald Trump. Donald Trump destroys Kasich on Twitter and your calls and IMs.

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