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It's Casual Friday! Cliff Schecter described the fundamental difference in world view between the radical right and the rest of America, why Chris Christie is praising Obama so much, assessed the impact of Mike Bloomberg's endorsement of thePresident for reelection, revisited the debate between Sam and Matt Stoller on third party voting and explained why Obama's auto bailout and populist pitch worked in Ohio.

Comedian and Mitt Romney Twitter tormentor Rob Delaney joined Sam and explained why he backs Obama, his personal experience with medical bankruptcy and how Mitt Romney's pathological desire to be President is both disturbing and a good source for comedy.

Jimmy Reefercake debuted a new song, New Jersey is in a horrible shape as 2.5 million are still without power, Sam responds to idiot right wing talkers trashing NY and NJ and we find out all the ways Occupy is helping with Sandy relief efforts.

And keep the conversation going on the morning thread! 

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