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Slate legal writer Dahlia Lithwick explains the exceptional lack of diversity on the Roberts Court, why the decline of empathy on the Court is reflected in narrow career paths that the Justices share. How movement conservatives shaped the Court in their image and why the left is so timid in response. Shared corporate backgrounds of many Justices and why the sharpest divisions in the Court are on social issues. Is Justice Roberts actually worried about the reputation of the Court? What's happening with the Burwell Case? Justice Alito has a big problem with Dahlia's writing on the Court and do the Justices sometimes decide to please the media? How the Roberts Court keeps moving the ball further to the far right and is this Court bold or timid in its ideological push?

On The Fun Half: turns out Solyndra didn't waste any tax payer money it made money and that's not the point. The real problem with nuclear power. Does the violence of Football reflect our culture and the importance of the Bill Cosby story. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon takes cannot answer if the "Buck Stops" with him over possible reactions to the grand jury findings in the Michael Brown murder case and your calls and IMs.

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