The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Sam and Cliff Schecter cover the GOP debate. Answers to the questions: Who got body salmmed? Who will now have to drop out?  Why CNBC is like a Right Wing Waynes World? The amazing stupidity of the CNBC anchors and why the kids table debate was worthless. The Mike Huckabee hustle. When is Rand Paul going to drop out? Why Chris Christie did enough to stay in the race and why John Kasich is is like Jon Huntsman. Why Jeb Bush is the Fredo of the Bush family and when Marco Rubio owned Jeb Bush in the debate. Is Ted Cruz the best long term bet to win the Republican Primary? Why Ted Cruz won by playing the attack the media game.

In a palette cleanser Bernie Sanders expresses a beautiful support for a Muslim student and he issues a wonderful condemnation of bigotry in all forms. Bernie calls for decriminalizing Marijuana on the federal level. How to vote in the Ohio Marijuana referendum and how to think about the new budget deal.

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