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Political strategist Cliff Schecter, explains why the Republicans have no long term strategy, why John Boehner won't just take a corporate lobbying job and let the government restart, why Republican sociopaths keep paying themselves while the government shutdown costs people their lives and why we need to make sure the Republicans don't extort us into a "Grand Bargain."

Political satirist and Mayoral candidate Randy Credico, talked about why he is running for Mayor of New York City, how Randy got two percent of the vote in the Democratic Party without having any real campaign funds, Bill de Blasio's time with the Sandinistas, why New York needs a "Paris Commune" movement, Randy's proposal for a Wall Street tax and Sam Recommended the documentary about Randy called 60 Spins Around the Sun

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, needs to be paid while she shuts down the government and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett compares marriage equality to incest.

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