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Author Ari Berman and Sam agree-Romney won last nights debate, Obama looked and sounded tired and unfocused and didn't take advantage of numerous opportunities to push back against Mitt, Ari wanted to know where the aggressive Obama was last night? Meanwhile, Mitt basically renounces his entire campaign to this point and moves to the center, all the while lying about his centerpeice economic proposals.

Ari than brought us up to date on the latest news in voter rights, on a positive note state courts have been overturning voter ID laws across the country, but the Supreme Court may reverse parts of the Voting Rights Act.

On the Better Half: Sam took Jim Lehrer to task for being terrible at moderating, Romney won the debate by swinging back to the middle, Mitt Romney thought that 47 percent of Americans were moochers, Paul Ryan only thinks its thirty percent, a Cornell study finds that nearlyall of us have benefited at one time or another from government programs and much more!

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