The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Political strategist Cliff Schecter remembers Sam's role in Spin City, Fox News anchor says we can't trust Africans to get treatment fro Ebola because they go to "witch doctors", why the mid term elections matter, the implications of a Republican controlled Senate, the Senate race in South Dakota, Harry Reid and Tom Daschle feud, how Democratic leadership is messing up the midterms, why Democrats can still win on raising the minimum wage and increasing Social Security, Cliff predicts Alison Grimes will beat Mitch Mcconnell and how Chris Christie screwed New Jersey commuters.

Film Guy Matthew Weiss talks about what's next after Teachers Lounge, Film Guy Matthew's teaching method, why Sam does not go to movies anymore, Michael's review of Time Is Illmatic and Matthew suggests the movie Hellaware.

David and Jason Benham explain why losing their HGTV reality TV show for their anti Gay and anti Muslim activism is just like being attacked by ISIS, Scott Brown explains that no one really cares about equal pay and reproductive health and your IMs.

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