The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter explains why the Obamacare healthcare sites failures is a real problem, why the ACA's problems highlight the need for public healthcare, the roots of government outsourcing, why government is more efficient, the myth of corporate efficiency, why the problems with health care reform implicate neo-liberalism not liberalism, why Medicare for all is the real healthcare solution, is the "Grand Bargain" finally dead? Harry Reid says so.

Andy Kindler plugged his standup gig in Portland Oregon, talked about the healthcare website, why the left needs to stop complaining about the website, Kindler compares notes with Rick Santorum on Satan's control of Hollywood and Kindler suggested people watch Teen Wolf and Enough Said.

On The Better Half: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder refuses to say Gay people shouldn't be discriminated against and your calls and IMs.

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