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Nation Institute Fellow Dani McClain explains why Black women voters are key for the Democrats in the midterms, how grassroots organizers are connecting social and economic justice, Moral Mondays and shifting southern politics and voter suppression efforts and the 1014 elections.

Video game developer and women in tech advocate Brianna Wu explains #GamerGate and their campaign to harass her with death and rape threats that forced her family out of her home, what it's like to be a woman in gaming, and online internet, her experiences as a woman inside the video game industry, the broad implications #GamerGate has in the culture wars and political sphere and what we can do to agitate for a modern world that's safe for and accepting of women.

On The Fun Half: Ted Cruz calls Obama's blocked Surgeon General nominee an anti gun activist, the broader implications of #GamerGate and Islamophobia, Border agents fast tracking refugees back to danger in Central America and your calls and IMs.

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