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Obama comes out of debate 2 with a win. Digby was not surprised that he performed so much better this time, thought Romney did fine but fact checks will hurt him, people respond better to Obama's articulation of a optimistic vision, as long as Obama talks grand bargain Romney can lie his way to the middle, Romney's strange answer on equal pay, both candidates compete to see who can pollute America more, are Democrats going the way of gun control and the death penalty on climate? Romney's huge blunder in the Benghazi exchange, how the right pushed the Libya story and why it worked and Sam notes that there has been no discussion of the Supreme Court in the debates so far.

On the Better Half: Michael from Florida thinks Obama will lose his state but Sam thinks it will be very close, the moment that won the debate for Obama, and Sam translates an agitated Rush, Obama delivers a zinger that is actually funny and Mitt Romney contradicts self on blind trusts. Surprise, surprise.

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