The Majority Report with Sam Seder

It's Casual Friday! Cliff Shecter and Sam take a look at last night VP debate and discuss how the right wing loves Republican bullies but then blast Joe Biden for being "a meanie" to Paul Ryan, how Conservatives pundits are fixated on Joe Biden's "smile" (because they know they lost), some of the topics from the Vice Presidential debate last night: Medicare, Social Security, and more. They also discuss good times in Vegas over the past few days!

In the better half (but it's a Freebie Friday, so you all get it!), Sam and Cliff continue their conversation. They discuss Darrell Issa's planned hearings on Septembers jobs numbers. Sam AND Cliff take your calls and IMs, Cliff Schecter and listener BushInChainz go at it over IMs! and more...

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