The Majority Report with Sam Seder

First up Sam spoke with Cliff Schecter about why democrats struggle with messaging, what cutting social security will do to the American worker and how Joe Biden can win his debate with Paul Ryan tonight.

Remember when the big telecoms worked with the Bush Administration to illegally spy on Americans? Now the Supreme Court has joined Congress and the Executive Branch in insuring that those companies will never be held accountable for breaking the law, Virginia Senate Candidate Tim Kaine says he won't cut Social Security and a Paul Ryan endorsed State Rep says "some girls, they rape so easy." Sam digests this latest bit of horrible from a Republican elected official.

And Sam caught up with former Mississippi Supreme Court Judge Oliver Diaz. Sam and Judge Diaz discussed the Chamber of Commerce's campaign to destroy judicial integrity state by state and what "Tort Reform" would mean for Judaical Independence and how the Chamber worked to destroy Judge Diaz's career and reputation.

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