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Trita Parsi calls out William Kristol for his calls to bomb and kill Iranians.

Healthcare journalist Suzanne Gordon (@suzannecgordon) : "The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Policy Making and Patient Car", explains the importance of VHA's public scientific health innovation. Why Veterans health is a nationalized public health system.Why public healthcare works better. The distinctions between treating veterans and civilians. Why socialized medicine works best in treating people based on evidence? The Bush Administration and the undermining of VA healthcare. The astroturf group targeting the VA. The failures of media coverage of the VA. How privatizing the VA hurts service. The Bernie Sanders bill that would have saved the VA and Republican bill that ended up creating a funding gap in the VA. The Charter school strategy of starving public services so they can be privatized and why the Kochs and other market fanatics want to destroy the VA because of its success as government run healthcare.

On The Fun Half: The Moore's Jewish lawyer is apparently not really their friend after all. North Dakota state rep likes calling people libtards on Twitter. South Carolina Republican state lawmakers try to create a monument to honor black confederate war veterans and discover there were none. Andrew Cuomo is awful. Former Nazi explains how the Trump Adminstration uses massaged Nazi language and Megyn Kelly plays dumb on her role in normalizing this language on Fox News. Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity talk aggressive and stupid on Fox. Should we be more serious about Bitcoin. Steve Bannon talks treason, money laundering and the Trump Administration. Debunking confederate/libertarian myths about the Civil War and the Civil Rights and your calls and IMs.

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Fox & Friends freaks out about California decriminalizing weed and making itself a sanctuary state. The Trump Administration makes it easier for Oil companies to create another Deep Water Horizon spill. Also nursing homes will be less safe thanks to Republicans. The Australian roots of the Russia investigation. Milo's editor notes.  All the many, many, many ways that Trump and the Republicans are destroying America.

On The Fun Half: a delusional caller debates Sam and Michael about the campus free speech debate. Remembering Erica Garner. What's driving protests in Iran? Peace between Mike Cernovich and Sam? The worst people in America threatening Iran. The MR community made Cernovich late to an Alex Jones appearance.

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Best of from November 2016:

Zack Exley (@zackexley) and Becky Bond (@bbond) on their new book on lessons from their time on the Bernie Sanders campaign: Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything (Paperback – November 18, 2016). “Distributed Organizing” and using technology to actually make contact with voters. How important an earlier start to the Bernie campaign could have been. Giving volunteers more responsibility, along with structure and accountability. Hillary’s flawed data-driven get-out-the-vote efforts. How to counter Trump by going on the offensive on the left.

Then, a selection of conversations about Bill O'Reilly, featuring Andy Kindler.

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