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Janeane Garofalo, talks about her rage at the Trump gangster Administration. Republican dirty tricks and the FBI. The delusions of the dumb-dumb left. Donald Trump's helpmate. The Walking Dead and Trump voters. David Gergen calls out Trump for not strongly condemning Neo-Nazis. The Trump White House is built around Islamophobia. Megyn Kelly calls out reporters for feeding questions to Trump, but won't revealing names. Kellyanne Conway says that Trump and the media share "joint custody" of the nation. Janeane takes Voicemail questions. Mike Pence refuses to answer questions about the Trump kleptocracy and why Republicans will always make us suffer.

On The Fun Half: Christine Quinn and Chris Cuomo call out a Trump supporter for bullshitting on Neo-Nazis. The Republicans Supreme Court move and forcing support for Trump. An Irish Senator bravely calls out Trump's fascism and your IMs.

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How we can already tell the Iran Deal has been a success by the fact we aren't talking about bombing Iran. The extreme danger and paradoxical opportunities of Trump's presidency. Trump doing his best to be the most sane person in his government. How to clarify and recalibrate our positions regarding Saudi Arabia and Iran. How the middle-east figures into Obama's plans to "pivot" to Asia, and how Trump's victory jeopardizes the move.

On the fun half - Reza Aslan on the danger of considering Islam "political" instead of religious. Reince Priebus won't rule out muslim ban. Steve Bannon's anti-Wall Street populism mixed with white nationalism. Neo-nazis rally in Washington DC. The Republican war on voting rights will intensify.

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Donald Trump's horrifying pick for Attorney General has a racist history and he isn't the worst pick.

Cliff Schecter, explains whether or not we should hope for chaos or not in the Trump Administration. The endless dangers the Trump Administration poses. Jeff Sessions too racist for Reagan's America. The most bigoted picks that Trump is putting forward. What's the best Democratic strategy? Trump's personal financial stakes in policy. Why Trump's Administration will be worse than pay to play and why Trump can't staff up with competence.

Isabel Gillies is deeply upset about the election of our deplorable President. What do you tell your kids? Protesting and authority. Authority and secrets and she suggest we watch Captain Fantastic.


On The Fun Half: Trump offers the position to CIA head to bigot Congressman Mike Pompeo. Trump supporter is chided for citing Japanese Internment Camps as a precedent for what we can do to Muslims. Michael Flynn, Trump's National Security Advisor is a major anti-Muslim bigot. Elizabeth Warren calls out Trump for hiring lobbyist and cronies and your calls and IMs.

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Freelance journalist Matthew Phelan, explains the role that Breitbart News played in the election. Clinton Cash and the connection between Breitbart and the New York Times. Who is Peter Schweizer and what is the Government Accountability Office. How the New York Times facilitated Right Wing propaganda. Andrew Breitbart and the corporate funding of the far right. How Steve Bannon made a fortune. Andrew Breitbart and Hollywood resentment. Why Steve Bannon is more dangerous. Breitbart and the destruction of ACORN. How the funding of the Right Wing web works. Who is Eric O'Keeffe? Breitbart's role in Brexit. Breitbart's connection to Trump and the dangerous Mercer family.

On The Fun Half: Barack Obama warns against nationalism and ethnic identity politics. Trump shuts out the press. Trump get's applauded at a swanky New York City Resturant and says "we will get your taxes down, don't worry". The disaster of the Trump transition and your calls and IMs.

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Keith Ellison announces his candidacy for DNC Chair and calls for solidarity and prosperity. Hate crimes on the rise. The three ways to understand what's happening in America right now. How to deal with Trump. Trump has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. Can President Obama make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court? Trump is gonna attack Abortion and women's health. Bernie Sanders is powerful on The View. All the ways Hillary Clinton's campaign screwed up and why we need to be vigilant.

On The Fun Half: Why did Democrats lose? Bernie Sanders needs to have greater power in the Democratic Party. A teacher explains how to address bias and racism in the classroom during the Trump age and your calls and IMs.

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Hello MR listeners! Today we have Wosny Lambre (@BigWos) IN STUDIO! to talk about cleaning house in the DNC, Donald Trump's victory, and what we are in for in the next four years. Trump hugs his new tutor, Barack Obama. Paul Ryan not into "nitty gritty" details like whether women will continue receiving birth control. The failure of our economic system and our roots in racism.

On the Fun Half: Bernie calls out Newt Gingrich for dismissing Trump's campaign's racist roots, a substitute teacher tells students their parents will be deported, and your calls and IMS. 

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Cliff Schecter explains why we need to not freak out but also take steps to protect ourselves.  Why we all need to speak out. All the reasons why Clinton lost in spite of winning a clear victory in the popular vote. The Clinton campaign's pathetic economic message. The Democratic Party needs a complete cleanup and mass firing. Why we need Keith Ellison as DNC Chair. Chuck Schumer backs Ellison for DNC Chair and Obama's legacy.

Film Guy Matthew Weiss, explains using film to dig deeper into times of crisis. Why he wants more Michael impressions. Matthew suggests two movies Spring Summer Fall and Winter and spring and the Kingsman.

Keith Ellison was always right about Trump and Bernie Sanders sets the right tone. Racism spreads with horrifying examples from the rest of the country. Kim Guilfoyle says Trump never promised block Muslims. Van Jones corrects Trump pundits on CNN. Terrorism and playing into the plans of terrorists under Trump. Tom Cotton says waterboarding isn't torture and a Right Wing DJ who volunteered to get water boarded and admits it's torture. Donna Brazile get's called out and your calls and IMs.

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Adam Green, articulates just how horrible the political situation is now. Why progressives have an advantage now inside the Democratic Party. What we can learn from Republican strategy. Why we need Keith Ellison as head of the DNC. How progressives should handle Donald Trump. Rolling back the ACA. How do we acknowledge pain exists while combating bigotry? Why the Clinton campaign didn't work and how Trump used Bernie Sanders argument. How do we have a united opposition and maintain progressive positions?

Ari Berman of the Nation Magazine explains the role that voter suppression in the 2016 election. Why the media needed to focus on voter suppression much more closely. The many ways of voter suppression. How Democrats and progressives failed to protect the Supreme Court. Obama's missed the opportunity with the Supreme Court and what do Democrats do next.

The oddest troll on Twitter? Trump's cabinet picks.  Rudy Guiliani says President Obama shouldn't pardon Hillary Clinton. Glenn Beck tries to scurry back into Donald Trump's good graces. Omarosa says that Trump has a enemies list and a "long memory". Protests across the country against Trump. Tom Cotton promotes torture and your calls and IMs.

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The MR Crew reacts to the catastrophic election of Donald Trump and a GOP Senate.

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Listen to the Majority Report's full night of election coverage.

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Professor Sam Wong from the Princeton Electoral Consortium, explains the methodology that Nate Silver is using in this election and why it isn't anti-Hillary, just pro frontrunner.  Why Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to win the Presidency. How Donald Trump is contributing to social science research. The hot spots for getting out the vote. Will voter suppression hurt Democrats? Legal action against Republican suppression in North Carolina and keep and eye on New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Jack Hitt from Harpers Magazine calls in from North Carolina and reports that North Carolina voters are not that excited. How voter suppression works on the ground in North Carolin. What works for getting out the vote? The lack of excitement on the ground. The myth of undecided voter. The North Carolina Senate race is incredibly close.

On The Fun Half: James Comey clears Hillary Clinton again. No one tried to kill Donald Trump, but his supporters did beat up another silent protestor. Kellyanne Conway beefs with Jake Tapper. Donald Trump attacks Jay Z and Beyonce and Scottie Nell Hughes calls Molotov cocktails "mazel tov" cocktails. Barack Obama mocks Donald Trump. Trump is losing his mind. Ted Nugent is disgusting. Alex Jones gives an astute to read on Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is confused. and your calls and IMs.

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The Law might finally be catching up with Chris Christie and Sam is incredibly happy.

Cliff Schecter explains the corruption of the New York FBI Office and why it is targeting Hillary Clinton. Is the Presidential race getting closer? Is our Democracy under attack from the Republican Party? Will voter suppression win Wisconsin and North Carolina for the Republicans? Why Democrats need to get rid of the Filibuster. Is America headed to Civil War? And why the Clinton email scandal is a big nothing.

The Good Liars (Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler) who we have been following the whole elections cycle join us to discuss their new Netflix special Undecided. The Liars talk about shooting guns with Rick Santorum. The time Jeb Bush's campaign manager cursed the Good Liars. How the Good Liars fooled campaigns and when Carl Cameron lied on Fox News. The time the Liars went to Occupy. How a stunt with Donald Trump led to a full movie and why Jesse Waters is the worst.

Andy Kindler responds to Melania Trump calling out bullying on social media. Why Kindler hates CNN. Who has enabled Trump the most? Mark Halperin gets burned by Brian Williams. More Kindler Twitter battles. Trump's Hindi and Eric Trump thinks that David Duke deserves a 'bullet" in the head.

The Green Party isn't making a smart case. Peter Theil is dangerous and your calls and IMs.

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Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan and the creator of Informed Comment Blog explains the different factions fighting ISIL in Mosul. How ISIL is using Civilians as human shields. How many ISIL fighters are there in Mosul? The future of ISIL after it loses territory. What is Turkey's role in Iraq?  What Iraq's government needs to do to stop angering Sunnis. The four major parties in Iraq and why Iraq needs a labor party. Iran's role in Iraq and why Iraq's Shia Government is not particularly close to Iran. Why is Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen? Who are the Houthis. The air war against Houthis and why its a stupid and brutal strategy. Why is the United States backing Saudi Arabia in Yemen? And Hillary Clinton's traditional and regressive leadership in the Middle East.

Chris Cillizza's amazingly stupid pro-FBI column and Barck Obama calls out James Comey.

On The Fun Half: President Obama's awful response to the Dakota pipeline. Megyn Kelly confirms that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. Donald Trump has an episode and Trump targets Katy Tur. David Duke talks "CNN Jews" and freaks out at a Senate debate in Lousiana.  Also your calls and IMs.

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Nicholas Guyatt, a University Lecturer in American History at Cambridge University and author of Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation,discusses the complexity of early American racial discrimination. How Illinois became an anti-Slave State. What is "Black Colonialism"? The distinction between American and British Anti-Slavery struggles. The movements to remove Native Americans and African Americans from America. Lincoln and Jefferson's race politics and class and race. Native American societies and Andrew Jackson's politics. Why White people fail the test of living in desegregated spaces and why today's racial politics is not as different today as it was in early American history.

On The Fun Half: Donald Tump hung out with a Mobster he pretended to never have met. He also hit on the gangster's daughter and the mafioso threatened to castrate Trump. Peter Beinart laughs in Corey Lewandowski's face. The new Wikileaks "blockbuster". Bobby Knight says there will be no "Bull Shit" in a Trump Administration. Chris Cuomo gets sexism. Sean Hannity gets all excited over a fake story and has to tweet an apology. Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate defends Hillary Clinton. White nationalists run robocalls for Trump and your calls and IMs.

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The history of the oil industry's intermingling with US intelligence and the subsequent history of colonialism, evident in the mentality of Energy Transfer Parters and the pipeline builders. How #NoDAPL represents "colonialism at home." The need for climate radicalism as opposed to spectatorship. How climate change will enter the system through the insurance industry. The geopolitical risks of China's plan to use Africa for future food growth. 

Check out

On the fun half: Trump stiffs his pollster, Ben Carson worries about tax return "flutter," Jeanine Pirro slams James Comey, Trump continues Hindu outreach, and your calls and IMs.,, and (Code:Majority)

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The Majority Report is taken over by Ken Ken & Ken. KKK gets to the bottom of why New Dork does not speak, defends Donald Trump and rates the Trump women. Michael Shure from TYT joins KKK and defends the libtard policies for Hillary and Obama. Why can't the media be honest about Mr. Trump's momentum? Why won't Michael be honest about Jewish power? Shure defends BLM and they call out Cenk Uygur.

Bud Light loses Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer. Random Hartmann and the KKK show takes phone calls.

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Cliff Schecter explains travesty of the  Bundy Ranch occupiers getting acquitted for their armed occupation of an Oregon Wild Life refuge. The invasion of Native American lands in North Dakota. Will the acquittal lead to more Right Wing terrorism? Racism and the rule of law. Can Trump win North Carolina or Florida and Democrats look set to retake the Senate?

Judy Gold likes the MR idea of Bruce Springsteen getting deputized to arrest Chris Christie. Judy Gold hates Chris Christie because she went to high school with guys like him. Conservative Amanda Carpenter calls out the GOP for sexism. The evolution of feminist humor and why isn't Hillary Clinton invited to Hillary Clinton events?

Alex Jones is most certainly not anti-semitic. Mike Pence is offended to be called out for voter suppression. Horrific abuse and attacks on Native American protestors in North Dakota and your calls and IMs.

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Jane McAlevey author of No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age, explains the distinction between organizing and mobilizing. Why organizing is reflective and face to face. Mobilizing after self-discovery. Why the Left needs to get back to back to basics organizing. The American South and organizing factory workers today. Organizing in the suburbs. Thinking strategically and understanding the working Americans are really hurting. Understanding the power of workers. What the Chicago Teachers strike got right. Constructing solidarity in post-industrial cities. What are "super majority" strikes and what are real strikes? And why narrative change isn't power.

On The Fun Half: Gary Johnson has a meltdown. Jennifer Rubin fails badly on with Bill O'Reilly. Tomi Lahren gets called out for enabling the alt-right.

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A major breakthrough for fighting global warming and ozone depleting pollutants in Kigali. China creates a new market for greener products. The left fights a carbon tax in Washington State. Newt Gingrich loses it on Megyn Kelly. Elizabeth Warren rips Richard Burr. Michael Savage says Beyonce is a threat to Western Civilization. Crazy Right Wing host says Obama was just a warm-up act for Hillary Clinton's full blown communism.  Elizabeth Warren says "nasty women" are gotta beat Trump and Katrina Pierson says adult performer  Jessica Drake who accused Trump of sexual harassment is just looking for attention.

On The Fun Half: former Libertarian Presidential candidate and Gary Johnson advisor Steve Kerbel defines Libertarianism. Steve thinks all taxes are theft. How to fund Government. What does the Department of Education do? Taxes and progress. What should we do with Medicare? Are doctors really hurting? It gets a bit uncomfortable and Steve has problems with the Civil Rights Act.

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The New America Foundation's Director of Open Markets Barry C. Lynn, explains what monopoly means in the American economy. The eyeglasses market and the obscene power of monopoly. Why are monopolies allowed? The American revolution and fighting monopolies. The Reagan and Clinton Administration's support of monopolies. Why Libertarians have no problem with corporate central planning. From Walmart to Amazon what creates the monopoly problem in today's economy. How Bill Clinton embraced monopolies in defense, media, and finance. Why today's plutocrats are a bigger threat than the plutocrats of the Gilded Age. Good signs from the Hillary Clinton campaign? Why America needs to support the EU in fighting Silicon Valley and why we need to stop the AT&T Time Warner merger.

On The Fun Half: Curt Schilling demands to know why Jews vote for Democrats. John McCain runs away from the press. Sam's question to Jill Stein and she gives an incredibly weak answer. Glenn Beck's latest scheme. Eric Bolling compliments Elizabeth Warren and your calls and IMs.

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Luke Mayville (@LukeMayville) joins us today to discuss his new book, "John Adams and the Fear of Oligarchy." John Adams' skepticism of "meritocracy" and the glorification of the rich. John Adams' understanding of "oligarchy," as opposed to the "meritocratic" elite of the counter-majoritarian Federalist Papers. What is true and untrue about Thomas Jefferson's "populism." Adams' heterodox views on elites and his argument for an aristocratic senate.

On the fun half - Trump threatens accusers in his Gettysburg Address, Reince is darn tired of people doubting RND support of Trump. KellyAnne Conway wants you to trust her about Trump's lack of transparency, Eric Trump lives in a bubble, Obama hits the campaign trail, and your calls and IMs!

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Attorney Gavi Mairone the founder of MM~LAW LLC, a law firm dedicated to advancing private human rights law, explains how he uses private lawsuits against major corporations to combat terrorism and human rights abuses. When banks and oil companies are complicit in terrorism. The Chevron case and kickbacks to the Saddam Hussain regime. How is terrorism is defined globally? Civil law and reciprocity. Defending the Yazidis and corporations fund terror.

Michael Watts an Attorney from Texas, explains how he defended himself in a criminal brought orchestrated against him. Was Watts targetted because of his support of Democratic candidates and his work against BP? The war against trial attorneys. The BP connection to the prosecution of Michael Watt. The Ron Johnson connection to the case and what the Watts case teaches us about abuses of the criminal justice system.

Elizabeth Graham, the director of Grant & Eisenhofer's complex pharmaceutical and medical device litigation practice, explains the case her firm is bringing against Conceptus a birth control device that causes serious health problems. How Conceptus and Bayer misled the FDA on its clinical trial and where the case goes from here.

On The Fun half: Donald Trump's successes and fails at the Al Smith dinner. Rudy Guiliani can't take a joke. Barack Obama savages Marco Rubio and your calls and IMs.

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Cliff Schecter explains how Trump went from having his best debate to his worst debate. Is Trump another far right candidate that Russia backs. Trump's shocking refusal to accept losing.  Donald Trump's calculated white supremacy. The obvious difference between Al Gore and Donald Trump. The disgrace of the lack of climate coverage in the debate and William Kristol has a meltdown on Morning Joe.

Thom Hartmann joins the show to discuss the Morning Joe and William Kristol freakout. Why Donald Trump is a natural leader of the Republican Party. Why the Republican establishment owns Donald Trump. The dark money that fuels Republican media. Why we are not going back to normal after Trump loses and will Hillary Clinton be more ruthless than Barack Obama? Pushing Hillary Clinton to the Left.

The exchange where Hillary Clinton dominated Donald Trump and when Trump wouldn't promise to accept the results of the election if he loses. How is Donald Trump's TV Network going to get rolled out? Why the Right is all about entertainment and Trump's insane comments on abortion. Trump says we need to take care of the "bad hombres". Trump calls Hillary a "nasty woman".

Ari Rabin Havt joins the discussion to ponder the next possibilities of what might happen on the Supreme Court. Obama's legacy, Merrick Garland and Citizens United. Chris Cuomo calls out Kellyanne Conway. How Pete Peterson corrupts public debate.

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Live from Las Vegas, October 19, 2016.

Direct download: 10-19-16-3rd_Debate-MEM.mp3
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Jacobin editor Peter Frase (@PeFrase) on his new book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism. How speculative fiction helps imagine future societies. What if it were possible to "escape" from the necessities of labor through automation. The possibility of post-scarcity and reality of ecological constraints. Abundance, equality, and their opposites, as determining factors for future societies.

On the fun half - Melania Trump comes to the defense of her husband, Nicki Minaj slams her. Paul Ryan warns of giving Bernie more Democrat Senators to work with, Wisconsin Trump supporters start a Paul Ryan Sucks chant. McCain promises to block Hillary's SCotUS selections.

Direct download: 10-18-16-Peter_Frase-PUB.mp3
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Glenn Greenwald tells Brian Stetler that there is an imbalance in transparency between Clinton and Trump and what's interesting in the Wikileaks emails.

Journalist David Dayen explains what the Wikileaks emails reveal. The importance of branding and positioning in the Wikileaks emails. How corporate power works in the Democratic Party. How economic policy-making is influenced by Wall Street? How Cabinets are filled? Why Progressives need to speak out now. The Warren wing of the Democratic Party. What about a progressive foreign policy? And how Clinton can be pressured and President Obama's Wall Street legacy.

On The Fun Half: Katrina Pierson says Donald Trump needs to Tweet about women because the media is unfair. Jake Tapper schools Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. Glenn Beck praises Michelle Obama. Sam Harris is baffled by why his followers are supporting Trump. Amy Goodman is facing charges for practicing journalism in North Dakota. The most amazing Hindus for Trump event ever. Random Rush.

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Direct download: 10-17-16-David_Dayen-PUB.mp3
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Cliff Schecter explains how Trump is going full Alex Jones and full Fascist. Jared Kushner, Ivanka and the campaign's anti semitism. The irony of Trump's disgusting campaign. The Right's fantasy life. Is Hillary's surge going to start impacting down ballot races? Rob Portman's political calculation in Ohio. Deb Fischer, rescinds her rescindment of her endorsement of Donald Trump.

We hear from Screaming Majority about their new musical Waste Fraud and Abuse, playing now in New York City!

Isabel Gillies talks about finding comfort. Is the 1 train cozy? What Sam would do if he was stuck in the Hospital.  What people in Denmark think about America. The depressing election. Donald Trump and sexual assault. Entitlement at sexual assault. Billy Bush and rape culture and Isabel tells us all to watch the third season of Transparent.

On The Fun Half: Michelle Obama calls out Trump's bragging about being a  sexual predator. President Obama says Republicans should not get any credit for disavowing Trump now. Ben Carson is turning into a super villain. Trump denies assaulting a reporter because "look at her". Donald Trump Jr is also a scumbag. Mike Pence is pathetic. Greg Gutfield gets a little sane and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 10-14-16-Cliff_Schecter-Isabel_Gillies-PUB.mp3
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On today’s show we have Zachary Roth (@zackroth,) a national reporter for MSNBC and author of "The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash & the Conservative Assault on Democracy."

Alexander Hamilton's anti-democratic leanings. The waxing and waning of elite opinion on who should vote and why. Backlashes against previous expansions of democratic participation. Is democracy a means to an end or an end in itself? Why it's so revealing we don't have a federal right to vote. Why a right to vote would have far-reaching implications. Buckley v Valeo and "money=speech." How the Denton Fracking Ban was immediately undone by the oil and gas industry.

On the fun half - What was behind Trump's trial balloon attacks FDA? The flood of Trump sexual harassment begins; Katrina Pierson, Ben Carson, Mike Pence, and Rush Limbaugh struggle with the revelation. Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino discuss, on Fox News, why women might hesitate before making allegations of sexual assault. Plus your calls and IMs!

Direct download: 10-13-16-Zachary_Roth-PUB.mp3
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Today we have Wosny Lambre (@BigWos) IN STUDIO! to talk about the barn fire that is the current GOP and our moment in sports protests.

How Trump managed to cleave to base from conservative Republicans. The Tea Party as the final coherent movement of the current populist right and donor class. The NFL's ceaseless quest for growth hits an obstacle. How the NFL tries to have it both ways with violence.

On the fun half - Ben Carson thinks Briana Keilar should hear more talk like Trump's. Trump tells his Florida crowd to make sure to vote on November 28th. Rep. Blake Farenthold unsure on Chris Hayes if he'd stop supporting Trump if he said "I like rape."

Direct download: 10-12-16-Wosny_Lambre-PUB.mp3
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Cathy O'Neil, author of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy, explains how data can be bias. Who Defines success and algorithms. Big data hype and being "beyond morals". Data and the war on teachers. Targeting teachers through data. Data-driven models to predictive policing and sentencing. The myth that numbers don't mislead and algorithms and job discrimination.

On The Fun Half: The Republican civil war. Trump's most amazing spokesperson yet. A Trump supporter says Hillary Clinton is hypocrite because she listens to Beyonce. Sean Hannity calls Republican leaders "feckless". Alex Jones says Clinton is possessed by demons. Ben Carson defends Trump in the most amazing way. Why the mainstream still does not understand the Republican Party even in the age of Trump and your calls and IMs.

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Cliff Schecter explains why Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz did a better job moderating the second debate. Why Trump did a much better job and Clinton was not as effective, but it was still a win for Clinton. Trump promises to jail Hillary if elected and throws Pence under the bus. What will the next Trump scandal be? Why Trump beat Paul Ryan. The long-term threat to the Republican Party. The Wikileaks of Hillary Clinton's Wall Streets speeches and what they say about her politics.

Billy Bush eggs on Donald Trump as he brags about sexual assault. We reflect on rape on culture. Rudy tries to spin for Trump. Paul Ryan gets booed by rabid Trump supporters. CNN reaches peak 2016 campaign and Corey Lewandowski calls Reince Priebus weak.

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Cliff Schecter explains why Tim Kaine won the after debate. Why this was a terrible week for Ted Cruz and good for Mike Pence 2020. Why Hillary Clinton might win big and the Democrats might retake Congress.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump gets low energy. The holocaust-denying neo-nazis who support Donald Trump. Hurricanes are a Left Wing according to the crazy Right. Shep Smith warns people to get out of the way of Hurricane Matthew. Random Rush. Why the Green Party never goes anywhere And your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 10-07-16-Cliff_Schecter-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:50pm EDT

Tobias Franz a postdoctoral researcher at the Cider, Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá explains the history of the FARC rebel movement in Colombia. What are Narco Capitalists? Internal displacement and civil war in Colombia. Is the FARC just another drug cartel? The transition from Uribe to Santos. The details of the FARC peace deal.  And what happens next.

On The Fun Half: how does Obamacare actually work. Amazing testimony from the Bridgegate trial and it does not look good for Chris Christie. Tucker Carlson calls out Tim Kaine for not being manly. Can the Democrats retake the Senate? Kelly Ayotte calls Donald Trump a role model and at first says yes. Megyn Kelly calls out Sean Hannity and Hannity gets livid on Twitter. If Donald Trump wins, Paul Ryan's sociopathic budget will become law. Gary Johnson continues to show he has no idea what he is talking about and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 10-06-16-Tobias_Franz-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:47pm EDT

Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim explains why Mike Pence pivoted away from Donald Trump during the debate. Why Trump will be mad. Is the Clinton campaign strategy shifting more towards base turn-out? Did Bill Clinton subtly push for Single Payer healthcare? And Bill Clinton wants to be considered a progressive President.

The time Mike Pence snapped at the debate and why last night's moderator failed on style and substance and more Social Security myth busting.

On The Fun Half: no Wikileaks October surprise for Hillary Clinton and Alex Jones is enraged. Bill Weld the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate is now mostly interested in using his time to defeat Donald Trump. Gary Johnson thinks knowing geography leads to war. Bill Clinton calls Obamacare "crazy" and he's basically right. Megyn Kelly laughs in Kellyanne Conway's face. Eric Trump has trouble talking about his dad's taxes.

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Direct download: 10-05-16-Ryan_Grim-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:41pm EDT

NYU Journalism Professor Jay Rosen (@JayRosenNYU), author of, joins us to discuss the media crisis made apparent by the Donald Trump campaign.

Has the media been overwhelmed by the 2016 campaign? What should the political press do? How Trump has short-circuited the traditional practices and assumptions of campaign journalism. How the Tea Party/Birther movement metastasized before the press could catch on. The circularity in the rationale for "campaign coverage."

Read Prof. Rosen's piece, "Asymmetry between the major parties fires the circuts of the mainstream press"

Direct download: 10-04-16-Jay_Rosen-MEM.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EDT

Michael (filling in for Sam) to break down Colombia's rejection Peace Deal with the FARC in a move, Hillary's leaked comments on Bernie Sanders supporters, and some more info on Donald Trump's taxes is leaked.

On the fun half - Giuliani loses it after Chuck Todd calls him on his own infidelities, Trump impersonates Hillary's pneumonia spell, Ben Carson says Trump reminds him of a less mature version of himself, and your calls and ims!

Direct download: 10-03-16-Michael_Brooks-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:06pm EDT

Cliff Schecter explains why Trump's horrible debate and awful tweeting has put the Senate back in play. Trump's midnight tweeting. Arkansas Attorney General tries to spin for Donald Trump calling on America to look into a sex tape. How will Tim Kaine debate Mike Pence? The extremist Mike Pence record. Why America needs a timeout. Chris Christie is going down and how does the Senate landscape look?

Film Guy Matthew Weiss talks about being a professor and remembering names. Matthew critiques Louie and suggests we all watch Abigail's Party. Mike Leigh's method and what kind of films can be made today.

On The Fun Half: Trump surrogates can't keep up with how awful he is. Glenn Beck is not running for President America. Donald Trump spokesperson uses online polls to try to convince Chuck Todd that Donald Trump won the debate. Jeb Bush is still sad and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-30-16-Cliff_Schecter-Matthew_Weiss-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:28pm EDT

Steve Mims, the director of the film Starving the Beast explains the attack on funding for public universities and the language of "disruptive innovation" policy. The drive to slash public higher education and reinvent the value of education. The false assumptions behind the neoliberal turn in higher education. Imposing market-based metrics on non-market institutions. What is the purpose of higher education? Service workers and elite managers. Why the "sharing economy" is not a sharing economy and the smokescreens behind slashing public education.

On The Fun Half: Gary Johnson has another self-proclaimed Aleppo moment. Newt Gingrich fat shames. How Obamacare helps. Katrina Pierson knows that online polls are the most scientific. The Trump campaign tries to make the case that Donald Trump is the real feminist. Michael Savage says Hillary beat Trump at the debate because she is "low life". Young girl at a charlotte City Council meeting speaks out on racism. Justice Kennedy does not want to talk about Citizens United and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-29-16-Steve_Mims-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:15pm EDT

Why Donald Trump faltered at last night's debate. How Donald Trump's complete lack of knowledge and ability is catching up with him. Why the polls and pundits called the debate for Hillary. Results from the Frank Luntz focus group. Trump's delusions of grandeur. Why Lester Holt did a good job. Trump lies about his support for the invasion of Iraq and wants to know why no one calls Sean Hannity. Trump does not pay taxes or his contractors. Exposing the Trump myth and why he is just like other Republicans. Trump's misleading views on trade. Why Trump embraces trickle down and the time Trump said he had better judgment and temperament than Hillary Clinton and how Donald Trump treats women.

On The Fun Half: the danger of ICE. From Air America to Youtube progressive talk. Trump's grotesque sexism and racism. How long does Trump think Hillary has been fighting ISIS. Glenn Beck freaks out over Ted Cruz endorsing Ted Cruz and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-27-16-Digby-PUB.mp3
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The different flavors of #NeverTrump, from Rubio to Kasich and Bush to Ted Cruz. What is the residual layover from trump in the GOP. The demographic "cul-de-sac" and how the Trump nomination has shown the myth of the untapped conservative voters is a myth. The Trump campaign as a brash re-branding of "No-Labels," and how it motivates Trump's monomania on "otherness." Should Hillary try hard to provoke Trump in the debate or be content to play "teacher's pet."

On the fun half - Mike Pence is animated by some external force to say he is not a puppet, Paul Ryan says congress will be making laws for Trump, Chuck Todd wants more grieving Benghazi mom, and your calls an IMs.

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Direct download: 09-26-16-Luke_Thompson-PUB.mp3
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Political strategist Cliff Schecter, explains the importance of the election and takes issue with Jimmy Dore's arguments. Why the filibuster is going to die. The danger to voting rights. How would Trump govern? Is Ted Cruz about to endorse Trump? Hillary Clinton's progressive new push on the estate tax. Neil Cavuto gives an absurd defense of not raising the estate taxes. The brilliance of Hillary's tax strategy.

Andy Kindler is headlining a Hillary Clinton memes. The time Gary Johnson sticks his tongue out at a reporter. And the time Gary Johnson said we shouldn't do anything about climate change because the world is gonna end anyway. Kindler reviews his set for the Hillary Clinton fundraiser. The time Al Franken complimented Sam Seder. The time Andy Kindler got cut from the Chevy Chase roast and Andy Kindler reviews the comedy stylings of the Dalai Lama.

On The Fun Half: What are Clinton's politics. North Carolina Republican Congressman says that charlotte protestors hate white people. Omarosa, says everyone Trump critic will have to bow down. Alex Jones doubts Hillary Clinton can debate? Why Colin Kaepernick is succeeding and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-22-16-Cliff_Schecter-Andy_Kindler-PUB.mp3
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Derrick Jensen author of The Myth of Human Supremacy, explains the distortion of the west's relationship between humans and nature. Perceiving nature as a stand in for money. The problem with the "Great Chain of Being". Social stories and the desire to dominate. How plants communicate. What's the purpose of living? How do we understand how evolution works? A new model of biological success? Is agriculture the problem? And how do we get off the path of global environmental destruction and leaving behind the human supremacy mindset.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump calls for brining back Stop and Frisk at a Fox News Town Hall on race. Sean Hannity defends more police violence. Trump's Mahoning County, Ohio Chair is incredibly racist. Lead in Chicago public schools. Should America have a two child policy? Remember how horrible George W Bush was. Bill Clinton gives the preview of a pivot on TPP and advocates more giveaways for corporations. Geraldo Rivera  blames rap music. Hillary Clinton appears on In Between Two Ferns.   and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-22-16-Derrick_Jensen-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:35pm EDT

Ross Douthat, blames Samantha Bee for Donald Trump in a absolutely stupid argument that spans form late night TV to the NBA. Sam responds to Jimmy Dore on the Supreme Court and whether or not there is a difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump's horrific potential Supreme Court potential Supreme Court picks and Merrick Garland's actual record. Jimmy Dore calls in to debate with Sam and it gets tense.

And Elizabeth Warren destroys the CEO of Wells Fargo. Donald Trump explains his philosophy of "other peoples money". Katrina Pierson, fails again. Louie Gohmert has an amazing theory as to why President Obama ordered the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki. Donald Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to skittles in an analogy that comes from Nazi Germany. and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-21-16-Jimmy_Dore-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:35pm EDT

Lester Spence, a Associate Professor of Political Science and Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins, talks about the role of Police in creating social control. Policing, social control and political power. Police and class. Race and machine politics. The intersectional nature of the Black Lives Matter Platform. What it means to be black goes beyond police killings and abuse. The future of Black Lives Matter organizing. President Obama says his name "may not be on the ballot" but progress is. The problem with Obama's argument. Why Donald Trump will be awful and not lead to revolutionary backlash and claiming that Trump and Clinton are the same is absurd.

On The Fun Half: debating the usefulness of the Green Party. Fox & Friends makes the mistake of asking bigoted questions to an actual law enforcement official. Hillary Clinton comments on Isis and Trump. Donald Trump has a "vision" for profiling. The time Chris Christie lied about his role in bridge closures. Reviewing Christie's record on the bridge closures.  When Trump called Christie out out for the bridge closing and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-20-16-Lester_Spence-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:08pm EDT

Michael Monday today, with TCM host and host of The Young Turk's "What the Flick?!" Ben Mankiewicz (@BenMank77) joining us to discuss the media's culpability in a potential Trump victory. How is the media "normalizing" Trump? The inscrutability of current horse race. The failure of the "supposed geniuses" strategizing for the Clinton campaign revealed by the DNC leaks. Why people so enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders disregard his reasoning on voting for Hillary.

On the fun half - Gary Johnson is still behind on the news, Reince Priebus threatens #NeverTrump republican politicians, Trump surrogate explicates Obama's "Otherness," Glenn Beck thinks he and his audience will be immortalized for history, Garfield High football team in Seattle takes a knee, and your IMs.



Direct download: 09-19-16-Ben_Mankiewicz-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:52pm EDT

Cliff Schecter explains why the media has never done its job in destroying Donald Trump. How Donald Trump has fueled his rise on birtherism and now say President Obama was born in the United States. Why the media is sick of talking about Trump's endless corruption at the very moment they need to talk about it. Trump is doing better in the polls because of third party performance. Why is Hillary Clinton struggling so much? Gary Johnson draws more from Clinton than Trump and the ads that Hillary Clinton should run.

Judy Gold is pissed at Donald Trump and our stupid media. Jimmy Fallon goes really easy on Trump. Late night shows and why they go easy on Trump. Donald Trump is the absolute worst and all of the disgusting people backing Trump.

On The Fun Half: a conservative Rabbi freaks out about Israel, his daughter and the "un-jews". Caller wanted to know if we talked about Trump in the first half. Megyn Kelly has had it with Katrina Pierson and she destroys Michael Flynn. Right Wing Mandela gives insight into the inner workings of the Trump campaign. Alex Jones has racist tendencies.  And your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-16-16-Cliff_Schecter-Judy_Gold-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:51pm EDT

Nicole Nguyen an Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of A Curriculum of Fear: Homeland Security in U.S. Public Schools, explains the relationship between national security and public schools. Programs that train public school students in national security and spying. Ways of thinking about security and the infusion of homeland security ideology and violence into public schools. Homeland Security and leveraging resources for "school reform". What are the results of the Homeland Security program like and the effects of fear on young people.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump is told by a Pastor to stop making a political speech at her Church and he backs down and later attacks her Fox. Democrats move towards a new and better public option. A Trump punches a seventy year old woman with a oxygen tank. A Flint resident is offended by Trump's visit and your calls and IMs.

Direct download: 09-15-16-Nicole_Nguyen-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:17pm EDT

Colin Powell has his emails leaked and we find out what he really thinks about Benghazi and Donald Trump. Bob Woodward is actually not a great journalist. Colin Powell and Condi Rice trash Neocons for getting Iraq wrong over email. New leaked documents reveal the incredible power of corporate money in American politics and probable corruption in Scott Walker's Wisconsin. Donald Trump is not going to release his medical records on the Dr Oz show. Donald Trump agrees to a Family Leave plan because his daughter forced him to do it.  Hillary Clinton offers a progressive paid leave plan. Big Sugar corrupts Harvard scientists.

On The Fun Half: Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to win the Presidency. Sean Hannity has a Brown Belt! Bill O'Reilly has a bizarre understanding of race. Steve King claims Colin Kaepernick is supporting ISIS. President Obama destroys Donald Trump and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-14-16-Sam_Seder-PUB.mp3
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Author and reporter John Washington explains why there are prison strikes taking place across America. The Free Alabama Movement. Post Civil War America and the American prison system. How brands like McDonalds and Victoria Secret benefit from prison labor. How prisoners are working many hours and receiving no payment. The modern prison human rights movement and how prisoners are organizing. Creating prison unions. The crisis in prison human rights and who is covering the strikes and where we go from here.

Remembering the murder of the Attica prison protesters.

On The Fun Half: Mike Pence will not call David Duke deplorable. Internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos has no idea what he is talking about. Donald Trump tries to make his supporters feel good about themselves. Trump supporters assault protestors. Bill O'Reilly tries to spin his defense of Roger Ailes and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-13-16-John_Washington-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:29pm EDT

Michael Monday today with Bhaskar Sunkara (@sunraysunray), talking Jeremy Corbyn and the contest for the Labour leadership. What Corbyn's resilience means for the future of the Labour party. Why Labour's prospects for victory in the next election are narrow. The exodus of workers from the Labour party. What it means for the left to take over Labour. How Labour is more easily influenced to the left than America's Democratic Party. How third parties take off.

On the fun half - Pence gravely defends Trump supporters as "not a basket of anything," Obama halts the North Dakota Access Pipeline, Trump wants to fill the Supreme Court with Scalias, and your calls and IMs!

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Direct download: 09-12-16-Bhaskar_Sunkara-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:56pm EDT

Phil Robertson says the Founders believed flood victims should deal with it themselves.

Cliff Schecter joins us to talk about the media and the current campaign coverage. The media's moment of reckoning with Matt Lauer's horrible Commander-in-Chief Forum performance and the lack of proportion in covering Hillary's emails and Donald Trump's blatant fraudulence. How television news ruined everything.

Former MR producer and current staff at Matt Binder joins the show to discuss his times since leaving the show. Is his child drinking Monster Energy drinks. Which NY billionaire is worse, Bloomberg and Trump? And Matt recommends watching "Stranger Things" and "Tallulah" on Netflix.

On the fun half - Glenn Beck has an insane analogy about our country and birth pangs, Corportatist Dems line up against Colorado Care, Mike Pence says Trump has a Reaganesque "core of humility," and your calls and IMs!

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Direct download: 09-09-16-Cliff_Schecter-Matt_Binder-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:47pm EDT

Today Sam, Kelly, and Matt break down NBC's Commander-in-Chief debate hosted by Matt Lauer. The waste of time by Lauer on email questions. Lauer's total lack of follow-up questions. Gary Johnson asks "What is Aleppo?"

On the Fun Half - More Commander-in-Chief Forum recap. What should the media do to cover Trump better, and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-08-16-Sam_Seder-Commander_Forum-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:26pm EDT

Attorney with Earthjustice Stephanie Tsosie and Young Turks reporter Jordan Chariton (@JordanChariton) for updates on the North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests. 

Stephanie on the parties involved in the suit, originally brought against the Army Corps of Engineers, and Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline company itself. The immediate goal of halting construction.

Jordan Chariton on the impressive camp sizes forming near the pipeline areas of Native Americans from around the state and country. The different degrees of obstructive protest being deployed by the "protectors." The historical solidarity of the protests in the wider Native American community.

On the fun half - Donald Trump continues practicing for the Commander-in-Chief forum, Pam Bondi is desperately trying to prove she wasn't bribed by Trump to not investigate Trump University, Hannity and Assange bond over Hillary Clinton's email, and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-07-16-Stephanie_Tsosie-Jordan_Chariton-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:38pm EDT

New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman, explains the legal fallout from the sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes. The Gretchen Carlson settlement. Roger Ailes and his enemies. How Rupert Murdoch protects his executives who cross the line. Is Roger Ailes going to target Murdoch's sons. Why Greta Van Sustren is leaving Fox News so fast. Is Megyn Kelly going to jump ship? Is Sean Hannity scared? And how could Fox News executive Bill Shine not have known what was happening with Roger Ailes and the harassment culture.

Donald Trump sways awkwardly at a Black Church in Detroit and Ben Carson checks his phone.

On The Fun Half: Ben Carson, leaves an interview to find his luggage. Bill Clinton sits on the board and gets big money from an online college. Donald Trump will not talk about being a Birther anymore. Katrina Pierson goes to new stupid places in defending her boss. Donald Trump does not pay his campaign staff. America and China move forward on a climate deal. Security contractors unleash attack dogs on Native American protesters in North Dakota. Woke Henry Kissinger and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-06-16-Gabriel_Sherman-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:19pm EDT

On this year's Labor Day special, some speeches featured before and some that haven't. Here's the rundown:

Studs Terkel compilation on the relevance of Labor Day.

Excerpt from John Lewis' "Democracy In Steel" from July 1936

Frances Perkins on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

Eugene Debs, "Winning a World."

Eugene Debs, as performed by Mark Ruffalo.

Eugene Debs, from "The Crimes of Carnegie." (Read by a Librivox volunteer) 

Harry Truman upon vetoing Taft-Hartley.

Direct download: 09-05-16-Labor_Day_2016.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00am EDT

Cliff Schecter wants to know why the New York Times is obsessed with the Clintons. The new nothing story about the Clinton Foundation. Trump's immense corruption and abuse. Hillary Clinton needs to stop trying to appeal to Republicans. Why Clinton is failing to connect Republicans to Donald Trump. Trump doubles down on bigotry. Why John McCain might lose his Senate seat and will John Kasich undermine Donald Trump in Ohio?

Isabel Gillies calls in from her vacation. Is Pokemon GO dangerous? Does Isabel believe in spirits? The colonial history of Iraq and Isabel tells us to watch Almost Famous and Primal Fear.

On The Fun Half: A Trump advisor warns against "Taco Trucks" on every corner. Colin Kaepernick continues his protest and gets more supporter from other players. Was Donald Trump the most dangerous candidate. Alex Jones warns of the technocracy and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 09-02-16-Cliff_Schecter-Isabel_Gillies-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:41pm EDT

Journalist Sarah Jaffe, author of Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt, explains why Americans are protesting and resisting power. Movements Right and Left. President Obama and the Left. The radical left rebirth after the financial crisis. The opening up of anti Capitalist space. New disruptive protest tactics. Is the Left finally reading Alinsky. Intersectional politics and connecting the environmental crisis with social justice and inequality.

On The Fun Half: how the MSM is influenced by the Right. Are the Clinton's demonized? Hillary Clinton says we are still Reagan's "City on a Hill". Shep Smith calls out voter suppression on Fox News. The Right talkers fight each other. Glenn Beck makes a plea for peace. Anti Semites are optimistic about Donald Trump. The myth of Democratic Primary voter fraud and your calls and IMs.

Direct download: 09-01-16-Sarah_Jaffe-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:59pm EDT

Paul Heideman, a PHD candidate in sociology at NYC explains the opportunity that the left saw to takeover the Democratic Party in the 1960s. Pushing the Dixiecrats out of the Democratic Party. When the Democrats were a southern regional party. Capital intensive industries and coming to terms with the FDR Democratic Party. Where the Left right and wrong in splitting up the Democratic Party in the 1960s. The progressive organizers who organized the split. Why blindness to the power of capital blinded progressive reformers. George Meany and Right Wing labor politics and understanding the power of tech capital in today's Democratic Party.

On The Fun Half: Alan Greyson loses his Senate primary bid to corporate Democrat Patrick Murphy. Did the progressive movement fail Tim Canova? Fox News splits over Hillary Clinton's Alt Right speech. Michelle Bachman says that God gave us Donald Trump. A Kentucky convict was refused a pair of pants and women's hygiene products by prison authorities and a ethical Judge puts a stop to the abuse.

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Direct download: 08-31-16-Paul_Heideman-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:51pm EDT

The prospects for the TPP grows more dim. Is President Obama Green Lantern now. The bogus national security case for the TPP. Mitch McConnell gives the TPP another blow.

Journalist David Dayen explains the Investor State Dispute Settlement system and global trade. Why lack of transparency influences the ISDS. Why the system benefits the wealthy and corporations. The financial industry built around the ISDS and why distressed countries and are threatened by ISDS measures the most.

On the Fun Half: Trump's doctor stands by his insane Trump letter. Is the TPP done. Paul LePage is a unhinged racist and he might want to retire as Governor of Maine. Donald Trump can't pivot on immigration because he knows nothing about it. Rush Limbaugh rages and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-30-16-David_Dayen-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:00pm EDT

Today, @RafiaZakaria joins Michael (in for Sam) to talk about the intersection of war reporting and gender. How war is viewed in culture, from Katy Perry videos to Tina Fey's "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" as frivolous adventure. Rafia's critique of the deployment of feminism-based messaging being used in selling war reporting in her article for The Nation, "Can War Reporting Be a Feminist Project?" The idea of "female spaces" in Muslim communities, and the degree to which they're more accessible to female reporters, and how the subsequent stories result fitting an orientalist paradigm.

On the Fun Half - Hillary Clinton calls out the alt right in a speech. EpiPen CEO struggles to defend price hikes. Donald Trump thinks he's going to win black votes because Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot. Paul LePage leaves a profane voicemail. Reince Priebus is demoralized by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. How difficult a problem is Syria? Plus your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-29-16-Rafia_Zakaria-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:27pm EDT

Today, David Daley (@DaveDaley3) on his new book Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy. "Operation Red map," and the GOP's post-2008 strategy, largely successful, in strategically redistricting and gerrymandering as a way to make it easier for Republicans to win. What Dave learned actually walking the districts. The sophistication of gerrymandering in an age of big data. The upcoming referendums to lead to independent redisticting, and the court's conception of the "efficiency gap."

For Members: (2/17/06) Janeane and David Cross on Pat Robertson, conservative publishing and simple people, and Janeane and David argue over the "screechy" left. (47:00)

Direct download: 08-26-16-David_Daley-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EDT

On today, journalist Paul Tough (@PaulTough) to discuss his new book, "Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why." How Paul's research into education has developed in relation to policy debates in education. The relationship between poverty, morality, and learning. How stress influences learning, and what constitutes "toxic stress." The importance of early education. How is success defined? What are the prospects for positive change going forward?

For Members: Eugene Mirman and voice of Majority Report Jon Benjamin joined Sam (12/14/05) in studio to discuss a Mr. Hetero competition, make fun of Sean Hannity, closeted republican homophobes, and how jews took over Christmas. (49:30)

Direct download: 08-25-16-Paul_Tough-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EDT

Today, Sam talks to Baz Dreisinger (@BazDreisinger) about her book, Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World. What a comparative analysis of incarceration around the world tells us. The distinction between a penal system and a criminal justice system. The recent historical development of the penal system. Penal colonies and modern prisons. How America came to value punishment. Capitalist and colonial influences on the development of incarceration.

For member: (6/7/06) Sam talks to not-yet-Senator Bernie Sanders about the Bush administration's poor record on civil liberties, the estate tax, and why Republicans strategically focus on certain social issues. (41:00)

Direct download: 08-24-16-Baz_Dreisinger-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:30am EDT

Chris Lehmann, author of "The Money Cult: Capitalism, Christianity, and the Unmaking of the American Dream," on the origins of the protestant and puritan work ethics, what is unique to America with regards to religion and capitalism. The worship of money in American religions, including Mormanism. Follow Chris @LehmannChris.

For Members: Seymour Hersh spoke with Sam (11/29/05) on his New Yorker piece, "Up in the Air," on George W. Bush's mental state and his inability to appreciate how terrible the Iraq War was going. (40:30)

Direct download: 08-23-16-Chris_Lehmann-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:30am EDT

For members, a Rick Perlstein chats with Sam on August 1, 2005 discussing the influence of the DNC on the democrats (and Hillary in particular) with their brand of "centrist" corporatism. Why the GOP is afraid the democrats will return to appealing to the middle-class. (54:00)

2 Dope Boys & a Podcast:

24 - Charles Barkley's 'Race Card,' Kevin Roberts Declares Gender Diversity 'Over,' and Ninja Warrior and The Future of Sports

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 Brand Eff Up:

“Charles Barkley to host new TNT show called ‘The Race Card.’” Washington Post

What’s Up?

The new beef between Kevin Roberts from Saatchi and Cindy Gallop.

Saatchi & Saatchi chairman Kevin Roberts thinks the gender diversity in advertising debate is 'over.' Business Insider


What’s Good?

Below are a couple more things:

1. The Future of Sports.

Phil: “I am fascinated by things like American Ninja Warrior...the whole nature of the competition aligns with our cultural economy/future perspective.

1. men and women compete on the same courses

2. even though there is one winner, the competitors often train together and support each other

3. it doesn't have the traditional branding/maleness of other sports”

“How to build a $100 million company out of mud,” CNN.

Diggin’ in the Crates:

Larry: “Homegoing,” Yaa Gyasi

“Shibumi,” Trevanian

Phil: “Can’t Stop the Prophet” Jeru the Damaja

“Radical Man: The Process of Psycho-Social,” by Charles Hampden Turner

Michael” “Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire,” Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

Direct download: 08-22-16-2_Dope_Boys-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:12pm EDT

On today's Michael Casual Friday, Cliff Schecter  (@cliffschecter) and Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore) join us.

Cliff Schecter on the ongoing spectacle of the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort out after he's outed as a foreign agent. More conservatives are leaving the Trump campaign. The contemptible Steve Bannon, former Breitbart-er, takes over for Manafort. Trump is preparing for crash-landing. What the apparent GOP collapse could mean for democrats and progressives alike. The great news of the decision against private prisons.

Then Jimmy Dore of the Jimmy Dore Show joins Michael to discuss his "slamming" of Sam Seder that everyone is talking about. Jimmy's frustration with media liberals surprised Hillary is a war hawk. Jimmy recommend the movies "Tropic Thunder" and "The Heiress."

On the fun half - Jeremy Corbyn interrupts anti-Corbyn interview, Newt Gingrich calls out "junk medicine" of TV doctor's Hillary, the Podesta brothers' lobbying ties to Paul Manafort, and your calls an IMs. (1:24:45)


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Direct download: 08-19-16-Cliff_Schecter-Jimmy_Dore-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:19pm EDT

On the show today we have never before heard interviews from the DNC with Dan Montgomery (@DanJMontgomery) the Vice President of the American Federation of Teachers, Alex Pareene (@pareene) and John Nichols (@NicholsUprising).

Dan Montgomery talked to Sam about the prospects for education under Hillary Clinton, his home state's knowledge of how bad Arnie Duncan was going to be, how bad Obama's legacy on education will be, and how Hillary may be better.

Alex Pareene talks to Sam on day 2 about protestors at the DNC, why Bloomberg was invited, what's the deal with Peter Thiel and Gawker, and totally unrelated: how would a hypothetical billionaire harvest young blood to live forever?

John Nichols on the theater of the DNC roll call vote, the historical significance of the event, the suggestion that politics is "winner take all" and not about building toward goals, what Bernie accomplished, and Tim Kaine is actually a good politician.

On the fun half - Trump's special counsel trots out the "Says who?" defense, O'Reilly whitesplains how black people should vote, Jill Stein has a town hall, and some calls on Sam Harris. (56:00)

Direct download: 08-18-16-Dan_Montgomery-Alex_Pareene-John_Nichols-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:31pm EDT

Aetna tries to punish the Obama Administration by pulling out of Obamacare. Why Aetna is trying to destroy Obamacare? Why the insurance business would fail without government support. Aetna tries to extort the government to approve its possible merger with Humana. Would a public option lead to universal healthcare? Juan Williams freaks out a Fox panel by saying Americans want Single Payer and problems with Hillary Clinton's campaign team.

On The Fun Half: debating sexism and Hillary Clinton. Ken Salazar the head of Clinton's transition team is not so progressive. Alex Jones reveals the real problem with Tim Kaine. Mike Pence has a strange answer to question about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama causing a Civil War. Random Rush. Rick Perry attacks the Khans. The Five gets tense when Juan Williams makes sense, Donald Trump projects and your calls and IMs.

Direct download: 08-17-16-Sam_Seder-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:17pm EDT

Carol Anderson a Professor of African American Studies at Emory University and author of White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide,explains the roots of the racial crisis in Milwaukee. The history of progress and blowback against African American human rights. The "Black Codes" the laws against the Great Migration. Racism South and North. How White Rage works. How states responded to Brown v Board of Education. Public school funding and property taxes and what that tells us about race. The legal structure of second class citizenship for African Americans. Why class and race are connected but not the same issue and why the Right wants America to look like Apartheid South Africa.

On The Fun Half: a reminder of how stupid Dan Quayle was. Donald Trump calls for "extreme" vetting and Sean Hannity learns a new word. Rudy Giuliani forgets 9/11. Katrina Pierson blames Obama for invading Afghanistan. Rush Limbaugh says #BLM is like a Union Gang. A Trump focus group responds well to a fake anti Hillary ad. Zephyr Teachout challenges a secretive billionaire who is funding a Super PAC against her and your calls and IMs. (58:10)


Direct download: 08-16-16-Carol_Anderson-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:57pm EDT

Digby (Heather Parton) explains why Trump's written speeches are boring, is Trump getting depressed? Why is Donald Trump losing it on the media. Trump's endless lies. Can Hillary Clinton reach out to Republican voters and run a progressive campaign. How Republicans created Trump. How the Obama Administration defanged the Left, why Clinton will face more pressure and TPP and Clinton's loyalty to President Obama.

On The Fun Half: we revisit Friday's conversation on gender and MR. How to Hold Paul Ryan accountable. Mike Pence defends Trump's sarcasm. Ben Carson defends Donald Trump's latest antics. Glenn Beck in his own special way starts to understand Black Lives Matter and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-15-16-Digby-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:20pm EDT

Cliff Schecter explains why Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump in swing state polls. Why Trump is losing educated white voters. Is Trump preparing to lose. Can you run against Trump and Republicans. Why Hillary Clinton is running a generous campaign towards Republicans, while sticking to progressive policies. Clinton promises she is against TPP. How Democratic Presidents govern and will Clinton be progressive.

Film Guy Matthew Weiss talks cucks and and it leads to some studio drams. Matthew's next eBay schemes and Matthew tells us to watch Once Upon a Time in Anatolia.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump gets called Putin's "Bitch" and a Trump supporter calls reporters traitors. Sean Hannity peddles a new conspiracy about Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson chuckles. Hugh Hewitt tries to get Donald Trump to not say crazy things.

Direct download: 08-12-16-Cliff_schecter-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:26pm EDT

Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, author of The Making of Donald Trump, explains why Trump was serious about running for President in 2016. How much does Trump care about losing. Is Trump willfully ignorant. The Mafia connections of the Trump family. Why Trump cares more about Cocaine dealers than sick infants. How Trump uses lawsuits to suppress the press and why there will be more violence because of the Trump campaign and why Trump is a threat to democracy.

On The Fun Half: The fall if Julian Assange. Many Republican voters still don't think President Obama was born in America. Donald Trump campaigns in front of disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley in the front row. Glenn Beck muses on a DNC conspiracy. Trump says that Obama and Clinton created ISIS. The Fox implosion continues and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-11-16-David_Cay_Johnstone-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:01pm EDT

Is Bridgegate going to finally catch up with Chris Christie? New evidence leading to Chris Christie. Donald Trump basically calls for Hillary Clinton or a Supreme Court Justice to be killed. Paul Ryan lies and tries to cover for Trump. Rudy Giuliani defends Donald Trump's death threat. Joe Scarborough says its time "dump Trump" and Joe and Mika fight on air. Joe Lieberman might endorse Donald Trump.  and he and Mika get into an argument. The hot mic suck up from Joe and Mika back during the primary.

On The Fun Half: how to argue with a conservative. Random Rush. How Newt Gingrich poisoned the well. What motivates Bernie or Bust? An incredibly insane ad by a Republican Congressional candidate in Minnesota.

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Direct download: 08-10-16-Sam_Seder-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:39pm EDT

Investigative journalist and New York Times contributor Brooke Williams (@reporterbrooke) explains the world of Washington DC think tanks and how they influence policy. Elizabeth Warren's critique of corporate influence of think tanks. How the Brookings Institute was enrolled in a lobbying campaign. JP Morgan Chase, global cities and Brookings. Corporate influence and lack of disclosure and how to reform think tanks.

On The Fun Half: the time George HW Bush called Jeb Bush's kids the "little brown ones". Jeb Bush's son George P Bush will vote for Donald Trump. Mike Huckabee and Megyn Kelly get indignant about the press investigating Melania Trump. Where did the word cuck come from. Can Democrats ever be progressive. Donald Trump has a promise for Detroit and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-09-16-Brooke_Williams-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:40pm EDT

Michael Monday today, with Alex Cuadros (@AlexCuadros) talking about his book "Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country."

The hopefulness of Lula's Brazil attaining the 2016 Olympics, and why it hasn't worked out that way. The effect the fall in commodity prices has had on Brazilian aspirations and and those of Lula's Worker's Party. Lula's deal-making and shift to "centrism," which meant accommodating corruption in exchange for accomplishing social justice goals. The media in Brazil and the difficulty in understanding what's going on in Brazil through international media. The relationship between Brazil's billionaires and the state. The prosperity gospel of Brazil's second largest tv network. Brazil's Donald Trump, whose father was a government minister who was put in charge of Brazil's largest mining firm.

On the fun half - Trump releases an aggressively poorly produced anti-hillary ad. Alex Jones is upset with Malia Obama's "twerking" at Lollapalooza. Glenn Beck has delusions of grandeur and minimizes Iran-Contra. Fox News thinks PC Republicans will blow it for Trump. (45:00)

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Direct download: 08-08-16-Alex_Cuadros-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:33pm EDT

Cliff Schecter explains why Hillary Clinton is looking great in the polls. Why Paul Ryan might lose his primary to a major anti Muslim bigot and why Hillary Clinton will get no honeymoon from the Left.

Andy Kindler's ancestors left Germany before Hitler. Clint Eastwood talks nonsense and Graham Beckel defends him by talking about "post  colonial victim shit". Andy remembers when we were men. Rachel Maddow not happy with Bill Clinton's DNC speech. Why Hillary Clinton is getting unfair coverage and Andy's state of comedy address.

On The Fun Half: Roger Stone threatens a Constitutional crisis if Trump loses the election. And your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-05-16-Cliff_Schecter-Andy_Kindler-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:19pm EDT

On today's show Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) joins us to talk about the upcoming Brazilian Olympics.

Journalist Dave Zirin, explains the Brazil Olympic crisis and the pile up of awful stories that create the wrong narrative. Why the Olympics and the World Cup bring out the worst in host cities. The concentration of Brazil's oligarchy in real estate and construction. Why the games are not about sports but about politics. The 1936 German Olympics and the origins Olympic propaganda. Brazil's political crisis and impeachment proceedings. Can the Olympics ever be a benefit? And why the sports themselves are amazing.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump rehashes all of his greatest hits. Trump is losing it and he got a Purple Heart as gift. Is Donald Trump going to pull off a surprise win? Sam gets pissed at a caller. Paul Manefort is even more incoherent than Trump. Ben Carson stumbles back onto TV. The best campaign ad ever.

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Direct download: 08-04-16-Dave_Zirin-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:51pm EDT

Glenn Beck, says the DNC almost got to him except he knows they are Marxist. Is Trump's staff about to leave? Barack Obama says Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President. Ross Douthat whines that Hillary isn't moving to the Right. Why there cannot be a Democratic Donald Trump.

On The Fun Half: A pre-teen at a Trump rally calls Hillary Clinton a "bitch". Katrina Pierson blames Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the death of Captain Khan. Fareed Zakaria calls Trump a "Bullshit artist". corey Lewandowski goes birther and freaks out on CNN and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-03-16-Sam_Seder-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:45pm EDT

Will Melania Trump's nude pictures might finally hurt Trump with core Republican voters.

Ari Berman author of "Give Us the Ballot", Republican voting restriction laws are getting rolled back. The North Carolina Court decision that attacks Republicans efforts to undermine African American voting rights. The importance of finding "intentional discrimination. How many voters will be effected by overturning anti voter rights measures. Why voter restriction laws have nothing to do with voter fraud. Why the Supreme Court most likely hear an appeal. More reversals of voter suppression laws from Wisconsin and Texas and why these decisions are a rebuke of Justice Roberts.

Brad Herzog, a former RV industry spokesperson explains why he was fired from the industry because of his mocking of Donald Trump. When Brad started a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution of his book D is for Dump Trump – An Anti-Hate Alphabet Book.  The bizarre story of Brad'd firing from the RV world. Is the RV industry conservative and the danger of Trumpism.

On The Fun Half: the amazing Daily Show sketch that helped saved voting rights. How to talk to a Trump supporter. The Republican convention hurt Donald Trump and Trump is looking for excuses. Donald Trump confronts a baby. Why the fever won't break if Trump loses. Warren Buffet joins Michael Bloomberg in mocking Donald Trump. Donald Trump defends Roger Ailes and your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 08-02-16-Ari_Berman-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:48pm EDT

On today's show, Michael speaks with Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) on Donald Trump's alleged connections to Putin and how the media is covering the story. The recent history of Russian oligarchs influencing politics outside Russia, including lobbying in the US. McCain's ties to Manafort-Davis in 2008, which Mark wrote about at the time. Russia's notorious aluminum industry as a focus of oligarchic warfare under privatization in the 90s. Paul Manafort's ties to dictators and Roger Stone. The silence over the GOP's ties to John McCain in 2008. The Clinton campaigns use of anti-Russian paranoia against Trump. The non-existent appetite for another Cold War. US complicity in the collapse of the Russian economy in 1998. Would Hillary or Trump be more likely to say "no" to generals? Hillary's own Russia connections.

On the fun half: Trump is not spending money on ads. Khizr Kahn continues taking it to Trump, who isn't responding well. Mike Pence churns out meaningless press release distancing and not distancing himself from Trump attacking the Kahns.

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Direct download: 08-01-16-Mark_Ames-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:31pm EDT

Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman nominee for a major political party.

Cliff Schecter discusses the Democrats optimism and how the Democrats attacked Trump. Did Trump commit treason. Did Bernie endorse to late? The Donald danger. Did Hillary Clinton hear Bernie? How can the Democratic Party come together. Don't be a useful idiot for Donald Trump. What's the best way to protest Hillary Clinton. Does the Democratic Convention leave you feeling better about America. Rev William Barber gives an incredible speech at the DNC. Khizr Khan, father of Muslim soldier killed in Iraq calls out Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton sounds like Bernie Sanders. Where did Hillary misstep. Ripping apart Donald Trump.

Myla Seder reflects on her views on John McCain and her evolving understanding of politics. Myla calls out Trump for being a human eating monster. Her thoughts on Hillary Clinton's speech Why Myla loves Joe Biden. What Hillary needs to do. Why Ghostbusters 3 is the best third movie ever and Myla calls conservatives out for disrespecting women.

On The Fun Half: debating the future of the Democratic Party. Which convention went better? Bush derangement syndrome still exists. Donald Trump is very angry about getting attacked at the DNC. Donald Trump rambles about Russia and almost commits treason.

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Direct download: 07-29-16-Cliff_Schecter-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:26pm EDT

Michael Shure of The Young Turks and Bit Torrent News explains the difference between Democratic and Republican conventions. Why day four of the convention was important for taking the fight to Donald Trump. The gender dynamics of the convention. President Obama, President Clinton and judging Hillary Clinton's record. Was Michael Bloomberg effective and Tim Kaine's debut.

Mark Thompson of Sirius XM explains why the three parties from the center to the left to the Green. Why its better to fight with Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. Are we missing what the Sanders campaign was all about. Why Nina Turner didn't speak. What is Terry Mcauliffe doing? How did Mark Thompson get caught up in the DNC emails? The why of Tim Kaine.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, explains why her aunt never ran for President. Archetypes of Women power. Why America lacks pictures of women in power. Hillary Clinton's path to power and the politics of marriage and is the Democratic convention doing what it needs to do?

On The Fun Half: Stephanie Schriock, the President of Emily's List and satirist Will Durst join us and full reviews of all of last nights major speeches from Bloomberg to Obama.

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Direct download: 07-27-16-DNC_Day_4-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:38pm EDT

Sirius XM host Pete Dominick, pretends to be a politician facing corruption allegations. How did Bill Clinton's speech go? Does Hillary Clinton deserve more credit. Does Michael Bloomberg's endorsement? And Is Tim Kaine a good pick?

Christine Pelosi of Campaign Boot Camp, talks about training activists and candidates across the globe. Bernie Sanders supporters getting into politics. Diminishing the role of Super Delegates. What happens next in the Super Delegate reform process. The Pelosi family and Democratic reform.

Legendary Newsman explains why Donald Trump is unlike anyone who has run for President before. Will Trump be the first Social Media President. Will the 2016 conventions be remembered? The lines of decency that Trump crosses and is it about Trump or the Republican Party?

On The Fun Half: Paul Bruce calls for unity and explains why Unions support Hillary Clinton. Jane kleeb explains how the Democratic Party is changing. Sam and Michael review Bill Clinton's speech and David Dayen highlights concerns about Tim Kaine.

Direct download: 07-27-16-Pete_Dominick-Christine_Pelosi-Dan_Rather-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:54pm EDT

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks join Sam and give first reactions to the first night of the DNC. Was the first night to soft on Trump. How strong is the Bernie or Bust sentiment in the convention hall. Has Hillary Clinton met Bernie supporters half way? The TPP and the lame duck. Debating Obama, rhetoric and healthcare. The difference between Keystone and TPP. What will a Clinton Presidency look like? And how do you beat Trump?

Bernie delegate David Sparks, says that Bernie supporters feel unwelcome. Are David's problems about politics or simply disrespect. The debate on fracking. Is this election just a smaller part of a larger movement. The Bernie movement goes local and Donald Trump entertaining and why he appeals to people and what comes next!

Why did Bernie speak last.

Direct download: 07-26-16-Cenk_Uygur-Ana_Kasparian-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:31pm EDT

Who was behind the Turkish coup attempt and why did it fail? The possibility Erdogan could be behind it himself. The massive purges in the judiciary, academia, the military. The historical political dynamics of Turkey, and Erdogan's nemesis, Fethullah Gulen. Erdogan's shift to autocracy. Erdogan's media takeover and online harassment.. The irony of Erdogan using social media to save himself.

Then, Sam calls in from the DNC in Philadelphia.

On the fun half (48:00) - Tim Kaine as VP choice. Kaine's snubbing of Netanyahu's speech in congress in 2015. Why Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to go. Trump returns to his wife being hotter than Ted Cruz's, and Ted's dad's breakfast association with Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Direct download: 07-25-16-Steven_Cook-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:50pm EDT

Recorded after the convention early friday morning, discussing the impact of the RNC.

Direct download: 07-22-16-Cliff_Schecter-MEM.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:00am EDT

Montel Williams calls out Bill O'Reilly on Periscope.

Historian Rick Perlstein, a columnist for the Washington Spectator, explains the history and purpose of political conventions. The almost contested convention between Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller and the drama of the 1980 Democratic Convention. Is the Trump Convention different? Ted Cruz's play against Trump and how much is there resistance to the Trump candidacy in the Republican Party? And contrasting Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio fear mongers and race baits for Trump. Fran Tarkenton motivates for Trump. Marsha Blackburn talks nonsense. Governor Mary Fallon talks about her America.  Peter Theil is very disturbing.  Ivanka Trump promotes her daddy and Donald Trump has his fantastic moment and your calls and IMs.

Direct download: 07-21-16-GOP_Convention-4-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:52am EDT

Terrell Jermaine Starr National Political Reporter for Fusion talks about the Republican Convention and the relationship with Cleveland's African American community. Why black people think (rightly) that Trump is racist. Why this year will see the most diverse American electorate ever. The state of the race in Ohio. Why protests in Cleveland have been so mellow. A Police state for the Convention? And also the thought process of a Black Republican?

Scott Walker advocates for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz speaks and does not endorse Donald Trump. Eric Trump fights for his dad. Cliff Schecter and Andy Kindler call in and Donald Trump ripped off Andy Kindler's dad. Newt Gingrich speaks! Mike Pence is incredibly boring.

Direct download: 07-20-16-GOP_Convention-3-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:40pm EDT

Huffington Post's Ryan Grim talks about last nights convention drama. The real story behind Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama and all the palace intrigue.

Donald Trump officially gets the Republican nomination. How did Melania Trump steal from Michelle Obama and rick roll the convention? Katherine Harris call in from the pipe she is stuck in at the convention. Tameron Hall destroys Scott Baio. Controversy on the floor of the GOP. The head of the UFC talks about his "friend" Donald Trump. Dug calls in. Senator Ron Johnson is not bright. Natalie Gulbis talks about politics and faith. Paul Ryan gives a dull and stupid speech. Chris Christie attacks Hillary Clinton. Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr, pretend to love their dad. Cliff Schecter calls in to join the madness. Ben Carson is not "politically correct!" and believes in lucifer. Right Wing Mandela live from the convention.


Direct download: 07-19-16-GOP_Convention-2-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:04am EDT

Huffpost Live's Alyona Minkovski, explains what's happening on the ground in Cleveland. The many, many groups protesting Donald Trump and the Republican Convention. How safe is it outside the convention and will the press coverage demonstrations and how brutal will the Police be?

We hear from "Kathrine Harris", Judy Gold, listen to a bizarre and boring convention speeches from Scott, Baio, a Duck dynasty guy, Cliff Schecter calls in. David Clarke says "Blue Lives matter"! Congressman Sean Murphy and his wife give a bizarre anti Hillary speech. Senate candidate David Glenn gives another awful speech. Tom Cotton fear mongers. Karen Vaughn calls torture. Senator Jeff Sessions brings the bigotry home. Rudy Giuliani worships police and attacks Muslims. Andy Kindler joins us. Donald Trump introduces Melania Trump. General Michael Flynn is a "determined American".

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Direct download: 07-18-16-GOP_Convention-1-Janeane_Garofalo-Judy_Gold-Cliff_Schecter-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:06am EDT

Cliff returns from vacation in Europe. His family Star Wars experience in the UK. The truck attack in Nice, France: how much of a jihadist was the attacker was? Trump's Vice Presidential marathon extravaganza, and why choosing Mike Pence may force him into some uncomfortable policy conversations on trade and social issues.

Isabel Gillies then joins us to discuss the climate of fear now, and how now compares to previous times of unrest. Hillary Clinton as misogyny magnet. Isabel's new game-changing transcendental meditation habit. Isabel recommends "The Chef's Table," on Netflix.

On the fun half - The Trump/Pence logo's not-so-subliminal sexual message. Newt Gingrich reaches a new low angling to be Trump's VP. Trump continues marginalizing Chris Christie. Glenn Beck has a gay bull on his ranch. Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles is concerned PokemonGo's cyber-demons are going to church. Why do journalists focus on national polls? Plus your calls an IMs.

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Direct download: 07-15-16-Cliff_Schecter-Isabel_Gillies-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:15pm EDT

American Prospect editor-at-large and weekly columnist for the Washington Post Harold Meyerson, explains why fewer and fewer Americans consider themselves Middle Class and why they are right. Ways to measure the Middle Class. The New Deal legacy and the evolution of the Democratic Party. The 1960s and expanding and the racial politics of the Democratic Party. The decline of Unions and the rise of Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders and his message to the Democratic Party. What Hillary Clinton needs to do in order to win Rust Belt State and why the Democrats need to move to the left for the sake of the country.

On The Fun Half: Looks like Donald Trump is gonna pick Mike Pence for VP. Bill O'Reilly defends Roger Ailes and he wants the British system for lawsuits. Meghan McCain thinks Newt Gingrich would have been Donald Trump's conscience. How bad is the Republican Convention gonna be?  How bad is the Republican Convention gonna be? CNN bigot says that Black people are more likely to be criminals. Boris Johnson is the UK's next Foreign MinisterAnd your calls and IMs.

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Direct download: 07-14-16-Harold_Myerson-PUB.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:29pm EDT

Eddie Glaude Jr, Chairman of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University talks about how segregation and racism still works in America. Policing and Convict Labor. What can you do to undo generations of discrimination. Reaganism and the reverse of Civil Right. Blaming black people for being murdered by Police. The exhaustion of trying to convince white people of the reality of black oppression and suffering. Policing and democracy. The Dallas Police shooting and due process. Why we need to eliminate bail. How the Democratic Party exploits its base. Why Donald Trump represents the rot at the heart of the country and the smartest way to vote in the 2016 election. The exploitation of Black and Brown voters by the Democratic Party and how to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

Song: "Fear," by Islands.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump makes no sense. President Obama addresses Dallas. George W Bush acts strange at the Dallas Memorial. Jeb Bush lost because of the Pope? Fox News brings up "Black on Black" crime to attack President Obama. Systemic injustice and how to address crime. Glenn Beck things the end is finally happening and your calls and  IMs.

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Chilcot condemns Tony Blair and Tony Blair is still sociopath. David Cameron hums an amazing tune after he resigns as Prime Minister. What Bernie Sanders has contributed force the Democrats in a more progressive direction. Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton and praises to the Democratic Platform. Why the new Democratic Platform is better on the environment and energy. The Republicans have  Gay conversion therapy and the Porn "health crisis" in their platform. Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity theorize about Black people and the Surgeon who treated officers murdered in Dallas reflects on his experience as a Black man.

On The Fun Half: What will make Police accountable? How does revolution happen. Jeb Bush gives a pathetic interview on MSNBC. Is the term "New Atheist" worth saving. A Bernie supporter and listener to the show is running for public office. A Hannity panel on police violence goes as insane and racist as you would expect and your calls and IMs.

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We'll be talking with Ari Paul (@AriPaul) on the release of the Uk's Chilcot report on the Iraq War  Jeremy Corbyn's response to the release of the Chilcot report and how it pertains to the failed Labour coup attempt against him. The struggle to hold police accountable in the United States.

Then Jimmy Dore (@Jimmy_Dore) on police brutality and accountability. "Sorry, Not Sorry" Tony Blair. Chilcot Report reaction. Tony Blair possible sleeping with Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife.

On the fun half: Baton Rouge police are flying camera drones but can be warded off with private property. Who will replace Roger Ailes at Fox News? The fixation with Hillary by vocal Bernie-or-Busters. 

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Sociologist Kathryn Edin (@KathrynEdin) joins us to talk about her book: "$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America."

The aftermath of welfare reform, and the new kind of poverty that may have arisen as the economy has slowed since the reforms. The new class of "extreme poverty," and how it has been hidden by economic segregation. The underfunding of welfare and use of welfare funds like TANF by states for programs unrelated to alleviating poverty. The failure of the private sector to create enough jobs.

For Members: Barbara Ehrenreich joined Sam and Janeane to talk about her book "Nickel & Dimed," right-wing abortion politics, the rise of fundamentalism in America and across the world, America's lack of feedback from around the world, and the conservative elite use of social issues to drive voter turnout. (8/2/2004)

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Militarian historian Andrew Bacevich joins us to discuss his new book, "America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History." The Carter Doctrine and the US military shift to the middle-east. The shift in rationale in the war for the middle east from a war for oil to a war for American Exceptionalism. The importance of Carter's much-maligned "Malaise Speech." The Oil shocks of the late 70s. The US expectation that war can create a new political order. Post-Cold War military hubris. The American bipartisan political class view of Global Policeman. The shriveling of our notion of diplomacy.

For members: Sam and Janeane talk to former US Senator Gary Hart on how the second Bush ignored warnings about terrorism, the increasing extremism of the right, the CIA as "rogue elephant," and the old question, "what's the matter with Kansas." (8/4/2004)

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Pamela Lewis (@Tweetin_Teacher) tells us about her new book, "Teaching While Black." Pamela's experience as a teacher in New York city. Teaching as a white profession, while the majority of public school students are not white. How shared background between student and teacher makes education easier. Education bureaucracy as especially problematic for students of color and students with learning challenges. The structural esteem deficit. The failure to integrate schools and the advantage of integrated schools.

For Members: Rick Perlstein joined Sam and Janeane to talk about W Bush was rotting democracy from within and the right wing hatred of democracy. (10-18-04)

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Cliff Schecter explains the conspiracy fueled state of the Republican Party and why the Benghazi investigations are an act of craven Republican politics. The contrast between the 9/11 investigations and Benghazi. Why are Republicans delusional in their attacks on Hilary Clinton. Why is Donald Trump's campaign in such bad shape? What drives Republican extremism? Republicans say Trump is the worst but they won't support Hillary Clinton. Why Republicans need to destroy themselves to make their base happy. Chris Christie might be Donald Trump's VP pick. Trump's campaign is a disaster and it will hurt the whole GOP. An important victory for women's health. Trade and the Democratic Platform Committee and the Democrats failure to create a national narrative.

Steve Cook from the Council on Foreign Relations joins Michael to explain what is driving the security crisis in Turkey, the threats from ISIS and militant Kurdish fighters to soft targets in Turkey and does President Erdogan have the ability to pivot.

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Utah Senator Mike Lee can't endorse Donald Trump yet. What's next for the Supreme Court and the Fair Labor Standards Acts. Berniecrats lose and win primary races and Bernie voters need to show up for down ballot races! Why some Bernie supporters are supporters are losing focus. Utah Democrats nominate a transgender candidate to challenge Mike Lee for the US Senate. Laura Ingraham is an anti trans bigot. Howie Carr makes a stupid Native American joke about Elizabeth Warren. Can there be an all women ticket?

On The Fun Half: Fox News attacks Clinton and Warren for matching outfits. Michael Savage freaks out about Benghazi. Credible rape allegations against Donald Trump? A new crazy NRA and your calls and IMs.

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