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On today’s show, Steve Clemons (@SCClemons) of The Atlantic joins us to discuss foreign policy with regards to North Korea. In many ways, Clemons says, the U.S. has become the rogue nation in the equation. Trump is dismantling the diplomatic options and leaning on military power, possibly in an effort to distract us from the Russia investigation. Yikes!

In the fun half: Whitefish Energy picks a Twitter fight with San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, Trump complains some more about how unfairly the fake news media is treating him, Trump brags about his excellent "president president" relationship with China's president Xi Jinping, George H.W. Bush gropes women from his wheelchair, Mark Halperin's pervy behavior and weaksauce apology, and a ten-year-old girl with cerebral palsy got caught by ICE on her way to the hospital.

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On today's show, Sam speaks with Ari Berman (@AriBerman) of Mother Jones about the voter suppression that helped throw Wisconsin to Trump.

On the fun half: Sam doesn't want to run for president, Sean Hannity hates never Trumpers, Tomi Lahren on the Steele dossier, the US ambassador to Canada believes "both sides" of climate change science, Alex Jones will never lie to you on purpose, Walter Block's "rate my professor" page, and Scott Brown's lewd comments.

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Happy Monday! On today's show, Sam recaps his trip to Vegas and updates us on the situation in Puerto Rico. Also: The Trump administration denies a teenage immigrant the right to an abortion, and Bill O'Reilly blames God for his problems.

In the "fun" half: Jamie discusses her experience modeling for Terry Richardson, Ben Carson is bad at his job, cable news has no class analysis, the DNC is bungling everything, shady corporations like Sinclair Media control the news, Michael defends the Kurds from idiot tankies, Sam schools a caller on Trump's tax cuts.

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Marshall Steinbaum (@Econ_Marshall) joins us to discuss how we should discuss taxes. The New Deal origins and mythology behind the "tax revolt," and the danger of being to comfortable with individuals getting obscenely wealthy, and what Trump's hesitation to shamelessly pass tax cuts for the wealthy signifies.

And on the fun half - Pompeo promises a "vicious CIA," Trump sees a psychiatrist, Turning Point USA wears diapers at Kent State, Fox News thinks the Weinstein Company should shut down due to sexual harassment, and Tom Price's wife wants to quarantine the HIV positive, and your calls and IMs.

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Attorney Mike Burg, talks about a very disturbing case involving BRC Arizona and BRC Illinois on body snatching for snatching. The FBI criminal investigation into companies illegally taking bodies for research. When people think their bodies are being used for science, but are being used instead for army training exercises and why selling body parts is a multi billion dollar business.

Attorney Burton Leblanc, explains, the control substance act and the role of drug companies in the opioid crisis. The crisis in West Virginia and what companies need to do in order to address the crisis. The similarity to the Tobacco case. How do you hold the industry to account? And why southern Ohio matters in the case.

Activist Jared Johnson, explains taking on debt collectors. The telephone consumer protection act and why debt collectors could owe you money. Why Sue the Collector helps you take on debt collectors and other abusers and why are you might be in luck if you have student debt and go to sue the to find out your rights.

Cenk Uygur, explains the mess of the Trump Administration, why establishment Republicans are untrustworthy. George W Bush was horrible don't forget it. Why the establishment led to Trump and why did Russ Feingold lose his race in Wisconsin.

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Attorney Peter Mougey, explains how the pharmaceutical industry profits from the opioid crisis. The revolving door and how the DEA and Congress are compromised by industry interests. Where money is lost in the process and where money should be spent? And how Wall Street exploits Puerto Rico.

Attorney Micah Adkins, explains he is working on equifax cases related to identity theft and the ongoing screw ups and public abuse by credit and identity companies and why you should never buy life lock.

Corporate abuse and why trial lawyers are an essential bulwark against corporate abuse and oligarchy.

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On today's show, Corey Robin, (@CoreyRobin) joins us to discuss his piece in n+1 "Triumph of the Shill" on the political dead end the GOP finds itself in now that they have consolidated power.

On the fun half - Trump says Obamacare doesn't exist and is terrible and needs to be sabotaged, Seb Gorka not happy McCain bashed nationalism, Bill O'Reilly drank last summer and talked about Kushner, are cops workers or instruments of state oppression?, and your calls and IMs.

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Steve Bannon brags about destroying healthcare and the Iran deal.

Health industry whistleblower and founder of, Wendell Potter explains what Trump's new executive order on the insurance exchanges does. Reopening the door to insurance scams. Buying insurance across state lines and lowering standards. Junk plans and why they will be made even worse if Trump's plan goes through. Why the Affordable Care Act did not go far enough. Why is our health system so ridiculous? Corporate corruption and our dangerous and unjust healthcare system and how the media needs to cover healthcare.

On The Fun Half: Gorka threatens the left and loves Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon totally not drunk on Sean Hannity. Internal Left debates. The head of the Panama Papers investigation is killed in a car bomb. Nikki Haley talks nonsense about the Iran deal. Donald Trump makes fun of Mike Pence and your calls and IMs.


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Cliff Schecter (@CliffSchecter) joins us to discuss the ongoing degeneration of the GOP and what to make of the apparent Bannon/McConnell split.

Then, Vic Berger (@VicBergerIV), video maven at Super Deluxe joins us to discuss his rise as the internet's premier video editing satirist.

On the fun half - A Louisiana sheriff wants to stop freeing good laborers from his prison, Social Security is incapable of ever being insolvent, Emma Thompson on the iceberg of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Mattis lays out obvious Iran Deal logic so even Trump can understand, and your calls and IMs.


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Amanda Terkel (@aterkel), Washington Bureau Chief, HuffPost, joins us to discuss her article, "26 Years Ago, America Started Talking About Sexual Harassment Thanks To Anita Hill." 

And on the fun half - Trump continues gaslighting Puerto Rico, Bryan Fischer wants enviromentalists to consider the benefits of the death penalty, horrible fires continue in California, Rush Limbaugh's audience upset he suggested Trump was being dictatorial with the NFL, and your calls and IMs!

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