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Jacobin online editor, and author of the new book Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity Micah Uetricht explains what led the Chicago teachers to strike in 2012, why the strike was not about pay, why the teachers won the strike, the conflicts within the Chicago Teachers Union that led to the 2012 strike, the insurgent progressives who took the union in a more bold direction, how organizers connected the assault on Chicago public schools with the broader neo liberal attack on public institutions, how union organizers built relationships with stakeholders across the city of Chicago, how the reformers took over the teachers union, the importance of the involvement of rank and file union members, the importance of independence sustaining union organizing, what other unions can learn from the Chicago teachers strike and how unions should deal with the Democratic Party.

On The Fun Half: Sam finally leaves his apartment, Pat Robertson misses the days when you could stone Gay people, more debating the social insurance system, President Obama defends the invasion of Iraq? Bill O'Reilly goes on racist rant, right wing hack Jennifer Stefano makes a spectacle of herself on Chris Hayes, a Libertarian defends the Hobby Lobby and your calls and IMs.

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